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Stex is Estonia Based Exchange, STEX, an abbreviation for Smart Token Exchange, STEX is an innovative cryptocurrency trading platform with a focus on initial coin offerings and altcoins. is and for support, you can contact Stex support channel and for listing any coin fill stex listing form.

STEX, a contraction for Smart Token Exchange is one of the most innovative cryptocurrency exchange platforms out there. STEX is presently registered in Estonia, one of the very few countries to have a guideline on licensing cryptocurrency exchanges, along with Malta as well
as Gibraltar.

The platform is run by Etna expansion, an Estonian private company that works under Estonian and EU systems. The exchange prides itself on its protected platform, speed and constancy through time. It focuses on both Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and alt-coin trading. STEX
implements several exclusive high-frequency trading algorithms used in conventional stock exchanges like those in London as well as New York in order to make high liquidity and speed. The platform is supported by an important number of sponsors, such as Visa and MasterCard.

Trading Fees Stex

The platform does not indict different fees between takers as well as makers and has a flat fee range from 0.20% to 0.05%, a range that is well below the total industry average of 0.25%, giving the platform a significant benefit over other interactions. STEX does not recognize fiat deposits; hence bank transfers and credit card deposits will not be usual on this platform.

STEX Withdrawal fees

Many exchanges have huge trading fees but then hit you on the technique out with their withdrawal fees. STEX charges a withdrawal fee amount to 0.0005 BTC when you withdraw BTC. This is approximately 40% lower than the global industry usual of 0.000812 BTC. Usually,
withdrawal takes 30-60 minutes.

Deposit in Stex

At, you cannot deposit via bank transfer but credit card deposits and a huge number of other payment methods are completely fine. Accordingly, qualifies as an “entry-level exchange”. Depending on the blockchain, surplus of the network and number of miners dealing out the transactions or different other causes the deposit procedure may take approximately 30-60 minutes.

Over 300.000 users use STEX, which is most absolutely an imposing number. The exchange is clear when it comes to the team behind, as information can be with no trouble found online. The service is easy as well as free to register; only a valid email is necessary. This makes the platform suitable to use. The edge is also very easy to steer, as it also boasts a “simplified
model” at the bar at the top corner of the website. STEX exchange, based in Estonia, presents an industrial and nice-looking website. STEX's support manages to reply to support emails within the hour.

The squad behind the exchange is anonymous except for the CEO. There are presently 265 coins and 5 active markets to deal with. Standard fees place for 0.2%, however for users KYC- verified with Cryptonomica, the economical fee is only 0.05%, which makes it actually competitive – although we do not believe many go throughout the confirmation process.

STEX has important trading volumes as well as also supports fiat deposits in 4 different currencies (USD, EUR, JPY, and RUB). On withdrawals, the safety layers in use are 2-factor verification and email confirmation. Cryptonomicon is a source that will be worn for KYC confirmation of your person. It will be used by us for providing admittance to work with fiat currencies for you. In short, STEX is a spirited exchange that offers reasonable circumstances for traders.