Are you Investing in CREAM Token – Cream Project may Scam you

Cream project CEO Jeffrey Huang is also CEO of Mithril He dumped Mithril so badly that Token have almost no value, Many investor have lost there hard earned money.

Now he is into Farming.

He is also in good relationship with Binance CEO but the way he Dumped Mithril after reaching Binance, i don’t think binance will list them.

But if Binance list them then prepare for huge dump.

Look into this Transaction ,This contract dispensed 94,500 tokens when price is high

This trading looks organic but it is not, transactions were dispensed by the dispenser to 10 different accounts which are inter trading between each other in a fast method buying and selling much smaller amounts of the token, this activity in the last 15 hours has coincided with a 100% price increase! This looks like manipulative non organic trading!

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