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For me personally, the exchange is very convenient, a large selection of pairs for trade, you do not need to go through KYC to withdraw funds, it works very quickly, the trade itself is very convenient on it, everything is done for the convenience of users.

The only thing I would like to see is an improved optimization for other languages, the translation is lame in places.

4 months ago

que Allen

Due to my experience, BW is a fast and user-friendly website that allow you to trade lots of mainstream virtue currency convenient. 

Log on their easy-remember page:, and create your account , you coulf start to trade over 200 trading pair. 

BW even provide fiat channel for Korean and Chinese yuan( USD soon) , only fee steps to finish their KYC process, you will be allowed to do Fait- irtue currency trading. 

Also there are still some points that i think they could improve, for example like the mul-ti language issue(i could read russia and i think the accuracy of their russia page is tolerante but could be better), the response of their verify code( sometimes is slow to receive theough my email) 

hope they could improve the issue and gets better. 

4 months ago