Bitsum is the First Cryptocurrency to Launched Facebook Wallet

Cryptocurrency is growing very fast and developers are doing a lot of innovation to attract people to cryptocurrency and blockchain, This time a Crypto note coin Bitsum have created a wallet in facebook and making it possible for above 2 billion Facebook users to send and receive money in cryptocurrency using facebook messenger.

More than 100 Million people use facebook messenger and bringing the crypto wallet to facebook messenger will make the transaction easier, Bitsum already developed wallet for Telegram and Discord Wallet and they are continuously working to enable wallet for other messengers like Wechat Skype etc.

Total Supply of Bitsum is 1,844,674,407 and the price is very low, Future of Bitsum is bright because today everyone uses Facebook Messenger and its easy to bring people to crypto and send payment, You can easily convince anyone to receive payment in crypto especially when it is easily accessible for public using social network sites.

Today every coin is launching their android and ios wallet and people don’t prefer to download wallet for every coin, it will not only take a lot of space but also make your phone slow.

Using Messenger wallet you can log in from any place and send payment to anyone, You don’t need to install any special wallet for such messenger based coins.

Facebook cryptocurrency wallet

Share your thoughts about this amazing innovation and we will soon see wallets in more platforms.

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