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Cryptocurrency Project to Receive Fund of $500 Million

Docademic which is now known as[MTC] will receive Investment of $500 Million from Hitchens Harrison which is very good news for all Investors as well as for whole Team.

This news is creating a lot of buying pressure in all major exchanges especially Kucoin and We expect the price to Hit 3$ to 5$ in Few Months. Receive Fund of $500 Million is developing its own medical Blockchain which will revolutionize the healthcare industry while helping millions of people all around the world. MTC FUNDING INVESTMENT is the first Health Crypto project to receive $500M Funding and With these investments, they will help more people all over Latin America, USA, and Africa, while expanding free services to the rest of the world. They are providing a complete 24/7 basic healthcare service through mobile apps.

The main vision of is to provide free basic healthcare services to the world by taking advantage of the latest technologies.

At present Market cap of Token is $7 Million and If they receive $500 Million investment then Market cap will expect to reach atleast $100 Million to $250 Million which takes the price of each token to $3 to $5 or more.

You can calculate this value by Multiplying Circulating Supply with Current Price.


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