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* BITSUM Total supply is 1.84 BILLION * True anonymity & data protection * Untraceable payments use ring signature * Unlinkable transactions with random data by the sender * Blockchain analysis resistant * Only CPU-mining & ASIC-resistant * POW mechanism is a voting system for users.

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kamal kumar

hi there this coin is one of the top leading coin which you get for investment purpose.


10 months ago

Šbãh Mârÿølā

Coin not bad not good but Ït's still grow up hardly so there a lot time to see bsm make a succès


10 months ago

Tn Odu

This coin is a game changer, I believe. We will be seeing more concepts like these, but never like the original. In fact, they've achieved with their coding astuteness what Reddcoin has spent years tryin to achieve without success. Highly undervalued project. A top 50 coin in my rating.


11 months ago

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