Swaprex – Decentralised Crowdfunding Donation Platform

Swaprex is working on Decentralized Crowdfunding Platform and this will be ready in next 2 months.

Website – https://app.swaprex.com
Twitter- https://twitter.com/swaprex

Centralized Crowdfunding is very big industry and there is not yet any Working crowdfunding platform at present, With multiple chain support many project will start using this platform to raise funds.

Few year back ICO is a very hot service but that is fully centralized, Now decentralized ICO can open new doors for many projects where Investor receive all tokens instantly.

Project and Token not Yet Created

SwapreX is an Decentralized platform to conduct crowdfunding campaigns. Project aim is to provide a user-friendly and decentralized platform for crowdfunding.

Platform for creating tokens

Swaprex is providing option to Create ERC-20 using different Token so that it will be easy for Project to create token and start raising funds for projects.

Swaprex will not add any Watermark in Code so anyone can use Swaprex for Creating Token.

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