Decentralized Protocol For Casino On Ethereum Dice.Finance

Dice.Finance is the next big thing and it may become top 100 coins soon and reason for this is that DICE.FINANCE Is A Fully Decentralized Protocol For Casino On Ethereum.

DICE.FINANCE empowers player, developer, game providers and agency to participate in a game marketplace that is open and accessible to all.

DICE.FINANCE lowers barriers of entry to gambling participation and removes central points of failure.It enables anyone to increase the win chance, and build casino applications that could not have existed before.

If you are cryptomaa reader then you will get huge profit by investing in this project.

  • Total supply of DICE IS 30,000 and
  • Circulating supply is around 2k to 5k

You can Buy dice from Uniswap –

Using Dice protocol will be mainly used to build casino applications

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