DeFi portfolio & trading terminal Swapfolio Easy 10x Return

Swapfolio is easy 10x coin , the feature they offer is amazing,Using swapfolio you can easily Monitor your holdings, track your positions and make your trading decisions fast, with a simple user onboarding process to get you started quick.

They offer all feature that Unitrade offering except time lock trading.

Swapfolio conducted Public token sale , with a hard cap of 3322 ETH and all sold in 3 minutes.

Total supply of Swapfolio is – 30,000,000

DeFi portfolio & trading terminal

Circulating is – 2.5 Million

Buy from Uniswap

You can check Demo of swapfolio by going to

Swapfolio is so amazing that you can’t miss this opportunity to 10x your investment, Swapfolio is the need of every uniswap trader Today.

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