Orbicular [ORBI] is a Very Risky coin to Invest

Cryptocurrency is very risky and everyone suggest that DYOR before investing in any tokens, Recently came across One token known as Orbicular [ORBI],If you are planning to invest in this project then read this post properly.

Orbicular is a token with a supply that rises and falls according to a sine wave with a frequency of two weeks. A week of rising supply will be followed by a week of falling supply, and a week of falling supply will be followed by a week of rising supply, and this cycle continues forever.

So maximum supply is not 100,000,000 ORBI.They says The supply of the token starts at 100,000,000 ORBI means its Circulating supply and there is no limit for Total supply .

The supply follows the below function:

total_supply = initial_total_supply * supply_modifier(unix_time_EST)
supply_modifier(unix_time_EST) = sine((unix_time_EST – 1597950000) * 2 * pi / 1209600) / 10

So invest SMALL amount and invest carefully or you will lose all your hard earned money

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