China is trying to capture the bitcoin market!

So exactly what is china? Why people always used to talk about China? The first-ever war strategy book was written by a Chinese person who was the war strategist -Sunzi and the name of the book is “The Art of War”. Just like Ayurveda, yoga, etc is in the DNA of India – in the same way, war is in the DNA of China.

In the book Sunzi has mentioned – “In the practical art of war, the best thing of war is to take all enemy country intact – no shattering and no destroying – it is better to capture the army rather destroy. The main strategy of war is to capture the property and resources of the enemy rather than destroy.”

In this COVID-19 situation, this country China is creating issues with southeast Asia countries or say India on borders, why? So Sunzi in his book said – “When you are weak, appear strong and when you are strong appear weak”. Is China pretending to be strong and it is not? China is almost shut down now due to the coronavirus outbreak even now in Beijing. 

China is not only attacking the Indian army but trying to hack the banking servers and now in China trying to capture the bitcoin market? The strategy of China is always to capture not to destroy, then is it so?

Is china going to capture the bitcoin market and not destroy it?

Because the strategy of china is not from today – it is from many years – “Capture it and not destroy it”. Then this can get true. China is capturing the market of every country with its products and do china now going to capture the bitcoin market? The answer is likely yes because the maximum number of miners are from china. China is the biggest supplier of all products. If been checked, China is doing all illegal trade in the market of every country.

China always cheats on his friends!

There are several examples if we see the history of china relations. First, china went for learning from America and began to make good relations with them. After getting caught by America, China used it against America and war started where more than 95000 soldiers were killed in America. This was the example of China’s three-pronged strategy. China has almost captured the world’s market as if we see 41% computer export share is with china, 30% air conditioners share, etc. China does not work as per agreement with countries. It exports products to other countries indirectly via other countries which is illegal. And this way it captures the market. 

Then China may try to capture even the bitcoin market without any doubt here. China grabs the market as it uses cheap materials and cheap products for making the end product and supplies it which grabs people’s eyes. 

This is how China has the DNA of war for thousands of years. It just cheats everybody and nobody cant trust china because if we see even in the Covid-19 situation – nobody came to know about china’s condition. When the condition was out of control, the WHO got aware. And still, all are unaware of the number of people who suffered or died from the coronavirus in china. Even in the recent India china border stress, the number of china soldiers died is not revealed yet. 

China always pretends to be strong and wants to be a superpower. 

Because China is the biggest supplier of all products, it can capture the bitcoin market easily.