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All you need to know about TradeOgre, the Cryptocurrency Trading Site

TradeOgre’s residence country is not clear. There is no information on the team after the exchange or the security actions adopted at the swap either. The prior is not a red flag per se, but we suggest all visitors be cautious as well as form their own view on whether TradeOgre is a lawful exchange or not. TradeOgre is a cryptocurrency trading site that provides you the alternative to trade 18 cryptocurrency with Bitcoin. TradeOgre is a cryptocurrency swap platform that supports the trade of a wide diversity of coins against Bitcoin. The trading policy features a simple as well as intuitive edge, receptive customer support team, low contract and withdrawal fees, an easy listing and trading process as well as a low danger due to the little trading volumes.

In addition, TradeOgre has an API that developers can realize within their goods after they have modified it to suit their requirements. The API’s plan is not complex; therefore, anyone can use it to contact the market by making requirements using the standard HTTP as well as they will accept a response in the format of JSON. As well as there are a lot of currencies in which no personal information need, TradeOgre is one of them. It requires only an email for confirmation.

TradeOgre Trading fees:

This coin exchange has a contented 0.20% flat fee on all satisfying orders. This is in line with the manufacturing average as well as should not prevent anyone from trading here.

TradeOgre Withdrawal fees:

There are a few interactions out there with honest trading fees that attract investors in with a consumer-friendly present and then clout them in the head with heavy withdrawal fees once the investors want to extract TradeOgre is not one of those connections. The withdrawal fees are animatedly calculated. The dynamic estimate depends on the expertise of the specific coin you desire to withdraw. This is very low as well as a strong competitive benefit for this exchange.

Deposit Methods:

This trading place does not admit any deposits of fiat currency. So if you are looking to put some USD or EUR, you will have to look somewhere else. Do not misery though. You can find a swap where you can also put fiat currency by using the Exchange Finder.

Fee Schedule:

TradeOgre gear a 0.2% trading fee on all satisfying orders, which is very much low in the industry. Withdrawal fees are animatedly calculated based on the exact coin, although they struggle to have the smallest withdrawal fees.


Developers are able to use free API provided by TradeOgre to realize it in their goods. The API is simple to use an edge that gives anyone the capability to contact the market. Requirements are made by means of standard HTTP as well as responses are returned in JSON format. The API can be modified to suit your needs as well as they even have a confidential and public choice.

Easy registration:

The registration procedure is simple with only your email necessary. Trading can be completed after you have connected your Bitcoin wallet.