What is $XOR (SORA)? Is it equals to Decentralized Autonomous Economy?

There are a number of posts on SORA the next day whoever made it clear that it does not do much digging. The more research you do the more legal it looks like. With the uni swap volume surging, people are looking forward to dumping into profits something and it not too long before XOR takes it off. But SORA seriously means the sky in the Japanese.

So what is meant by SORA?

SORA is what everybody calls it a decentralized Autonomous Economy (DAE). The public decides about the process to create the new tokens in the economy. In SORA, users receive votes according to their own reputation where they can use it for deciding the new products for allocating newly produced XOR. It is the crowdsourcing voting tool that fundamentally heard like a decentralized Kickstarter. They have funded three projects namely VINCERO!

Who joined and what is produced?

  • They combined with the National Bank Of Cambodia for creating Bakong, Cambodia’s only system which is integrated for payment with the e-wallets, online banking, financial applications, and mobile payments. This targets around 18 million retail users.
  • They produced Hyperledger Iroha which facilitates IoT application development.
  • It was built around by using D3 ledger tech that occurs to service the central security depositories of Moscow and Slovenia exchange. D3 ledger also uses the blockchain of Hyperledger Iroha which is originally for implementing the digital, self-sovereign Soramitsu.
  • They work with the BCA group in Indonesia for implementing the digital, sovereign identity system.
  • They were chosen by the Web3 foundation for creating the C++ implementation of the Polkadot Runtime environment.

Completely self-funded!

So they were completely self-funded and were founded in 2016 with 60 employees in offices over 5 countries. But what impresses is the fucking founder. Makoto Takemiya is the computer scientist who is the inventor of proof-of-importance and also the owner of the legendary bitcoin talk account Makoto1337. You need to see that he worked on NEM previously. This man is very smart. 

He has around 40 academic publications and 100 citations spanning topics such as blockchain, spatial cognition, machine learning, neuroinformatics, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing.

The only point of contention is that the total supply is 1.6 billion tokens but this is clarified now. Actually, there are two networks and the tokens won’t be coming for another few weeks but most important is that the newly minted tokens on the ERC20 chain will be limited to 0.1% slippage on uni swap. So that is only around a few hundred XOR/day limit. This really means at 60C, this thing is sitting at the whopping 200k valuation.