Best Cryptocurrency Exchange To Buy New Altcoins

If you are confused on buying any of your coin from any exchange that is unknow to you then we are reviewing some exchange here.

1. C-CEX Review- How safe is C-CEX for Trading

C-CEX is very popular cryptocurrency exchange to trade the cryptocurrencies. This exchange offers 185 cryptocurrencies as bitcoins and altcoins. The exchange has recorded 2, 60,000 members who use this trading platform to trade the cryptocurrencies. C-CEX has 180 currency pairs, for example, BTC pairs, DOGE pairs, USD pairs, LTC pairs, etc. It is very popular to trade the Ethereum and Bitcoin, fiat currency like USD, EIR, and RUB, also traded in this exchange.

Advantages to trade at C-CEX

The advantages to trade at C-CEX are as follows.
• C-CEX claim the high security by providing the two-factor authentication.
• This is very fast exchange in terms of a transaction. It takes minimum times to make the transactions so the users should not have to wait to submit orders.
• C-CEX website is very responsive and works very fast on mobiles and personal computers.
• The transaction or trading fees in C-CEX is 0.2 percent which is lower than other exchanges.
C-CEX offers plenty of tokens. Currently it has claimed to have 203 tokens. It is giving the secure and safe trading to the operators.

Trading Fees

C-CEX charges 0.20 percent per trade value as a commission from the traders.

Payment methods

There are so many payment methods in C-CEX. The deposits and withdrawals are taken place by these methods given below.
• For deposits, bank transfer, payeer, perfect money, ok pay are acceptable.
• For withdrawals, users can use PayPal, perfect money, debit or credit cards, etc.
C-CEX is one of the best cryptocurrency exchange market. It provides numerous token and coins to traders. It very easy and comfortable transaction platform for the users. It claims the fast and secure transactions. Some issues or problems are always there faced by the traders but overall it is the best platform to trade the cryptocurrency.

2. C-PATEX How safe is C-PATEX for Trading

C-PATEX is the new cryptocurrency exchange market. It has come into existence since 01 December 2017 by Daniel Lv and after that MAGsistemas team has modified it. Initially, it has 90 users and within one month the users have increased by 850. It is becoming the most preferred exchange market among the users. The exchange is exceeding USD 30000 daily trading volume twice in just one and half month. C-PATEX is very close to being listed on Coinmarketcap list.
The coins listed in C-PATEX exchange market are as follows:
• Bitcoin (BYC)
• Bitcoin cash (BCH)
• Bitcoin gold (BTG)
• Litecoin (LTC)
• Dash coin(DASH)
• Blakecoin (BLC)
• Blake bitcoin (BBTC)
• Electron (ELT)
• Lithium (LIT)
• Photon (PHO)
• Universal molecule (UMO)
• Franko (FRK)
• Cum coin (CUM)
• Apexcoin (XXX)
• Asian coin (ASIC)
• Cludcoin (CLUD)
• Blazer coin (BLAZR)

Why invest in C-PATEX?

C-PATEX is new and growing exchange market. In just one month it has recorded the heights of success. The reasons that let you go for this exchange are as follows.
• It is working on SSL server which is very secure. This is located in Europe. It provides excellent connectivity to the users.
• It requires the e-mail confirmation and authentication to get activated in this exchange market.
• Currently, it is available in two languages English and Chinese but more work on the other languages is about to come. So in future, you will see this in many languages.
• This exchange guarantees the dividend which is settled at the end of the month.
• You can use the support system on the website of the C-PATEX.
Why could it be tough to make the decision?
This is very latest and new cryptocurrency exchange market so the volatility is very high. The risk factor is another thing that will let you think twice before making the decision of joining this exchange market.

3. Cryptobridge How safe Crytobridge for Trading

This is the latest and new cryptocurrency exchange. It is popular among the clients by the token coin name DEX. It was started in July 2017 with the aim to support and develop the cryptocurrency exchange. Cryptobridge is a decentralized exchange handled by the crypto bridge owners. The centralized exchanges are very risky as they provide the private keys to the users and that keys could be hacked by the hackers. Cryptobridge is the solution of these hacking problems. It works on a multi-signature gateways software that is very trusted and secure. This exchange is operated on multiple continents and getting the popularity.
Cryptobridge is focused and targeted on the altcoins traders who trade on the centralized exchange and faces the hacking and government takedown issues. It is a decentralized Blockchain which requires the multi-signature gateway network.

Why Cryptobridge exchange market?

• The transactions and the order books are blatantly stored on the Blockchain, so there is nothing like the failure of storing and retrieving the transaction data. It even provides the privilege to the users to get the deposits and trade coins even if the business of the crypto bridge goes down. It does not have the access to the client’s funds. Funds are completely managed by the clients by using the private keys for their coins.
• The transaction is done very fast in this exchange as it is working on the Blockchain named “graphene”. The exchange can process approximately 100,000 transactions per second and will make the average confirmation in just 3 seconds.
Cryptobridge is one of the growing exchange markets which provides the private keys to the clients and holds no control over the client’s funds. It is very secure and safe because of its decentralized nature. It is the best choice for the user’s EOT (Encryption of things) trading.

4. TradeSatoshi How safe TradeSatoshi for Trading

TradeSatoshi is a cryptocurrency exchange market that is specifically designed to serve the digital exchanges. This is the very popular exchange market of UK, established in 2015, comes after the surge of bitcoins. The TradeSatoshi cryptocurrency website is full of the knowledge about the cryptocurrency market. It provides the data digital market and you can also make the transaction over here.
TradeSatoshi traded the 100 cryptocurrencies form major performing to less performing. The altcoins traded in alongside the Bitcoin, Litecoin. Dogecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.
Pros and cons
The pros and cons to getting register with the TradeSatoshi market are as follows.
• Some of the coins traded in tradeSatoshi are very rare and unique. The users can buy and sell them easily. In TradeSatoshi the users have the option to give suggestion and upvote about the new crypto coins.
• The users can use any of the name and e-mail id while registering with TradeSatoshi. It is keeps your identity anonymous. So there is no need to give the actual details.
• The exchange offers the two-factor authentication, encrypted wallets, live backup, and cold storage of funds and private keys. This makes it more secure and safe.
• This is the very easy platform for the users to trade. It is similar to other cryptocurrency exchange markets and allows the users to make the basic transactions.
There are most of the cryptocurrency exchanges who offers the leveraged trading to the users but TradeSatoshi cryptocurrency exchange does not provide the leveraged trading in cryptocurrencies.
Conclusion: TradeSatoshi is the cryptocurrency exchange market which is similar to other exchanges. It offers the users to make transactions and trading of the cryptocurrencies list with this. It trades some of rarest to rare cryptocurrencies to less use. This is very popular cryptocurrency exchange market that has numerous users.

5. Cryptopia How safe Cryptopia for Trading

Cryptopia is a New Zealand based cryptocurrency exchange market came into existence since 20 July 2014. It offers the world-class gateway to users to make cryptocurrencies transactions. You have to register with them and open a bank account on their website.
Cryptopia requires the number of confirmations while depositing altcoins. It will take 10 to 15 minutes to make one transaction. It is said to be one of the best exchange and liked by the users most. The team of the Cryptopia is very professional and providing the excellent customer support.
The website and team of Cryptopia claim to fast transactions of Litecoins but it not so fast in actually. There are a lot of security problem too if we check the reviews of the users online then will find a lot of complaints regarding the hacking. Some feels it outdated and some feel the software issues. The reviews vary from person to person.
There are a lot of altcoins available in cryptopia. There are 574 cryptocurrencies list here and traded actively in this exchange till today. The trading is done alongside with Bitcoin, DOGE, LTC, NZDT, and USDT.
Trading fees
The trading fees are 0.20% of the volume of each trade in the cryptopia exchange market. It is comparably fewer fees than most of the cryptocurrency exchange markets.
Payment methods
The users of cryptopia can transfer any kind of cryptocurreny list in there. New Zealanders with verified identity can deposit funds with the help of bank transfers.
Cryptopia is the best exchange for most of the traders as it offers a lot of cryptocurrencies to be traded. As not everything is perfect and have the pitfalls, cryptopia comes with a lot of negative reviews as well. Some of the reviewers find it insecure and unsafe for funds.

6. Coinexchange How safe Coinexchange for Trading

Coinexchange is a solely operating cryptocurrency exchange that operates crypto-to-crypto basis. This exchange does not deal with fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, RUB, EIR, etc. This exchange follows two-factor authentication (2FA) to make sure about the safety and security of the transactions. Instead, it is totally anonymous trading.
Pros and cons
The pros and cons of are as follows.
• Coinexchange supports the altcoin trading. It supports more than 340 cryptocurrencies for trade and as the time passes more are going to add.
• charges 0.15 percent transaction fees on all trades. This is lower than other exchange fees as most of the cryptocurrencies exchanges charges 0.20-0.25 percent trading fees on all trades.
• is very easy to operate platform to the users or traders. It is not the highly advanced platform designed with technical values, charts, and add-ons. This very neat trading window in which the traders can find all the details very easily.
• Here at the traders have the option to trade as anonymous. There are no mandatory steps to disclose the identity.
• The company is not regulated as there is no information about the founding company and year of establishment is given.
• This exchange does not accept and support any fiat currency, debit or credit cards, and bank transfers.
• The withdrawal fees are very high in
• Minimum deposit amount has to be paid in
• Coinexchange does not offer the leverage.
Coinexchange cryptocurrency exchange is the nice platform which provides secure and safe transaction and the traders do not need to disclose their identities. But it is not reviewed as the best exchange market as the website has faced lots of bug issues. It also charges high withdrawal fees from the traders. Overall it is 3 out of 5 if rated.

7. Coinone How safe Coinone for Trading

Coinone is the one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange markets. It is based on South Korea cryptocurrency exchange. This is one of the major Blockchain technology. It allows the traders to trade bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, and ether. The coinone website offers margin trading. South Korea is very keen to invest in cryptocurrencies and it attracts high trading volume that is very responsible for the surge of the coinone exchange market.
The advantages of coinone cryptocurrency exchange are as follows.
• Coinone has come into exchange world since 2014. It is equipped with highly expert team members. This is emerged as a one of the major competitor as there is no hacking activity has been filed yet.
• Coinexchange claims to provide high security as it requires multi-signature and two factor authentication. With these two highly secured ways you can make your transaction safe and secure.
• The transaction fees are low in coinone exchange market. It is 0.10 percent of all the trade volume.
• Coinone only accepts the banks transfers with Korean banks. Other than Korean banks no other payments are accepted.
• This exchange do not charge any deposit fees form the traders.
• Coinone offers seven coins to the traders which is more than enough. The coins are BTC, BCH, ETC, ETH, LTC, XRP, and QTUM.
• This exchange focuses on Korean only as they requires the local bank account at Korean banks.
• Coinone charges the withdrawal fees which is not good sign for the traders.
• The traders cannot convert one coin to another very easily and quickly.
Coinone is very famous in South Korea as it is mainly preferred Korean traders to trade. It requires getting bank account which is in the local banks of Korea, to make the payments. This exchange provide the leverage facility to the traders.

8. NOVA Exchange How safe NOVA Exchange for Trading
NOVA cryptocurrency exchange came into existence since July 2106. It is Sweden based cryptocurrency exchange market, initially offers three coins named BTC, LTC, and ARI. Now, it offers a plenty of cryptocurrencies with fast deposits and withdrawals. It is the best and popular exchange where the cryptocurrencies are highly traded. During the writing time, 24 hours trading volume’s popular pairs like BDL/BTC, BCC/BTC, ATCC/BTC, and FAL/BTC are included.
• NOVA offers fast deposits and withdrawal to the traders.
• The traders can find the unique and rare coins here which are not available at any of the exchange markets.
• NOVA has traded the old coins too. It has resurrected the old and dead coins and trade them. You can find here that coins which are not available at anywhere.
• It is one of the best platform where you can get higher returns.
• The traders can start trading within few minutes after getting registered here.
• Nova exchange do not charge any exchange fee from the traders and its commission never exceeds 0.2 percent of all trade.
• NOVA exchange is not suitable if you are a beginner or newbie for cryptocurrency trading.
• There is no leverage facility available in NOVA exchange.
• There are the rumors about the shutdown of this cryptocurreny exchange.
• The charts and the diagrams are not very clear in this exchange. The ups and downs are shown very poorly in the diagrams and sometimes tough for the traders to understand.
• The fiat currency is not accepted and traded in this exchange.
NOVA is very exciting cryptocurrency exchange where the traders can find the old and unique coins. These coins are available only this exchange market. This exchange offers the unique collection of altcoins to its traders and also provides safe and secure transactions.

9. EXX exchange How safe EXX for Trading

EXX is created by Hong Kong-based Company called EXX Group Limited, so the major focus is gone to the South Asian traders. Initially, the website is designed to serve the Asian crowd but now it is designed in the English language too. It offers the pairs of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, and ethereum classic to its worldwide users or traders. EXX Company also makes the EXX app which makes the EXX crypto exchange handy to the users. Users can operate it anytime and anywhere.
The advantages of EXX exchange market are as follows.
• This is the most attractive part to the traders as the EXX exchange charge very low fees from them. It charges 0.10 percent on all trades which is lower than other cryptocurrency exchange market.
• This exchange includes solid number of crypto pairs. There are 24 digital pairs in this exchange which includes the most famous coins like bitcoin and ethereum.
• The leverage facility is available in the EXX exchange but it is provides few coins like bitcoins and some altcoins.
• The EXX exchange has an awesome trading platform that is users friendly. The charts and the diagrams are very clear to get the market data.
The disadvantages of the EXX exchange market are as follows.
• This exchange does not allow any fiat currency transaction which makes the traders a tough choice to make the payments.
• There is very little information of the EXX Company available in the exchange market and online world.
• The leverage information contradicts in the website of the EXX. The Chinese version shows some other information whereas the English version shows something else.
EXX is said to be the good exchange market for the trading purpose because the term and the condition of the company are nice and good.

10. BitKonan How safe BitKonam for Trading

BitKonan is created in 2013, offers the spot trading in the fiat currency called USD alongside Bitcoin and Litecoin. Bit Konan is a bit different exchange which does not sell and buys the bitcoins or cryptocurrencies but it performs and processes the user’s orders. So it is not coin-to-coin trading. All the trading execution is done on the website of this exchange named as “”.
The advantages of BitKonan cryptocurrency exchange are as follows.
• BitKonan is the only exchange market which charges just market takers fees not the market maker’s fees. It charges 0.29 percent of the trade as a market takers fees. Whereas other exchanges like bitStamp charges both market makers and market takers fees.
• This exchange market supports and accepts the fiat money or currency. It is one of the best feature of this exchange.
• This exchange accepts bank transfers but these transfers takes long time. It also accepts EU SEPA which is fast and easiest way to make payments rather than the traditional banking system.
• This exchange is running very smoothly and surges the market heights.
• The registration is very simple over here. Even the traders have the opportunity to keep their identity undisclosed.
The disadvantages are as follows.
• This exchange does not offer any wallet to keep the secure and safe payment.
• BitKonan is traded just few coins like bitcoins and litcoins against USD. So the portfolio of this exchange is very limited.
• BitKonan does not allows the crypto-to-crypto trading as there are only two coins are there.
• The trading platform is very poor in bitkonan exchange. The vague charts and diagrams shows wrong information to the traders.
• There is no leverage facility available in bitkonan exchange.
BitKonan is performing well since the establishment of this exchange and will keep surging in future.

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