Bitcoin and Original blockchain have different ways of decentralization

The co-inventor of blockchain with the block decentralization is not very important to the decentralization of blockchain. The co-inventor of blockchain Scott Stornetta discusses why the design of Bitcoin diverted from blockchain implementation. Here in this content, we will focus on the important and necessary difference in the design between the original blockchain and bitcoin.

What is the difference between validation rotation Vs Block rotation?

There was no rotation in the original blockchain of the producers of the block. Validation of the blockchain was decentralized. There is no in-built cryptocurrency and so the reward was given in cash. Then it was decided to go forward with the rotation of the creators of a block for making the network censorship-resistant.

This is for many reasons of provisions of anti-censoring as it is that all choose to rotate the production of another block in the community. But for us, it was rotating the block validation in the community. It is the decentralization of the block validation which is very important to the security of cryptographic, and not the producers of block decentralization.

What is important to make sure the integrity of the cryptographic system and the validation decentralization is the fact and true. It is just not avoidable in the aspect to make a credible record. Whereas the block creation’s rotation successively, its main aim is not to get the purpose of raising the strength of the cryptographic system. There is no risk of having the same party produce the consecutive blocks with the community has a clean and clear view of what all is happening and the procedures control the process of validation.

The whitepaper of bitcoin cites the work with the question “how can we timestamp the document digitally?” and it was published in the year 1991. Bitcoin was built directly on his work. Bitcoin is the decentralization time stamp for the asset like money. It is the server of the time stamp. But the thing which is not understood completely with the clear idea is the server of a timestamp that was decentralized. It is right. What he is decentralizing is at the heart as it is the money injection in the system and that is the process of decentralization.

Another explanation can be about the work in the space of crypto that is concentrated to solve the wrong issues. To create a more
effective system of decentralization, you can think about it and can release the latest and upgraded version of the blockchain later on in the future. These are a few ways to decentralize the original blockchain and bitcoin.

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