Bitcoin is being banned for the third time by Google and Youtube!

Today for the third time, Google is right now banning the crypto bitcoin not only from Google but also from youtube. Yes, it is the third time and just yesterday it was banned again. Do you want to know why and what is happening all around – what was the first time bitcoin banned and then the second time and now this third time? In the censorship, youtube deleted two crypto channels videos from two different sources or say channels. The crypto programmer or the owner of the channel tweeted that youtube has removed his one video. And also heard from the reports that the other two channels videos were also removed on the content platform.

Youtube banned many numbers of accounts in the year of 2019!

Many crypto YouTubers were banned and strikes near the end of the year 2019 and again this year 2020, google and youtube both have banned crypto bitcoin. Youtube banned the crypto bitcoin contents by saying and reporting it as harmful or dangerous content and regulated goods sales. To one of the youtube channel, youtube reverted back with saying the below message – This was the error on our side during the procedure of reviews where your video must be reinstated and then the strikes were resolved. Let us information if you are seeing any issue anytime! By following the outcry, youtube brought back a few of the flagged accounts and videos.

Return of the media platform bans!

Youtube has returned to block the crypto videos. Both channels owners received a strike for the deleted videos where youtube threatened one of the channel owners – crypto programmer. The purge of crypto is still going on and this is the third time they have to deal with this thing. In the different categories, some banks also put the crypto banned recently by blocking the clients to transfer crypto to the coin base. And for the additional details, few reporters went to those owners of the channels but did not get any response. The first ban was the 5th of June 2019 and the second ban was done around Christmas eve.

This is the third ban from google as well as youtube on the 6th of May 2020. Few sources and videos were removed by the youtube as you can browse and see their channel where it is written removed or deleted video. This is not a coincidence, but it is thought that Google is right now tracking the crypto and bitcoin content by being alert for the scamming to people and all. And so Google is making down the crypto contents for checking everything in detail. Also, this seems not the case. Google releases new algorithms every 3 months and in January it was seen the new algorithm wherein December the last ban was done. It might not be a coincidence!

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