Co-Owner is planning on passing on the Domain

  • Cobra is planning to pass on the domain.
  • He ensured that the domain will be left in trustworthy hands. co-owner Cobra has commented in his Reddit and Github post that he is going to pass on the domain of He posted something that grabbed everybody’s attention on the 12th of may on Github that his involvement in site now will gradually decrease. He informed me that he will reduce his involvement gradually and by the end of the year, he won’t be around anymore.

He also added that for many years, he is contributing to the project where millions of people are learning about bitcoin which is a big honor for him. He also ensured that the name of the domain will be left in trusted hands. He already has few people in his mind where he also asked the public if anybody knows about any individuals or firms which would be good for him to choose and know more.

He mentioned that is the best resource and we all need to continue to work on it by improving it. With bitcoin, the complicated one to understand for new people, websites like are the key to getting more adoption.

In this post, many of the comments got up and discussion went on, were on Reddit, Roger Ver offered by saying “I have Cash in hand”. Many supported Roger by saying that Cobra should accept his offer.

Few of them suggested Will binns, Saivann, David A, Greg Maxwell, Gavin Andresen, etc. Where Cobra replied one of them by saying he already has Will binns and Craig Watkins in his mind.

Cobra also, at last, appreciated the public’s contributions by wishing them luck and success ahead. Finally concluded that bitcoin will keep going on the success path by reaching new milestones regularly with such a large community involved in it.

So now let us see, to whom Cobra choose as the perfect candidate?

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