Bitcoin Transaction not Found on Blockchain Solution

If you are facing Transaction not found issue then we will give you solution to find such Transaction

Have you deposited or withdrawn bitcoin and its not in the blockchain or its showing “unconfirmed” Transaction and you don’t know what to do then this is the best way to track your transaction.

Bitcoin Transaction not Found on Blockchain Solution

When we get transaction not found message we feel that all our coins are lost and we started abusing exchanges.

All this problem occur because of heavy transaction going on in bitcoin blockchain and a lot of transaction stuck in between but you can track your transaction status easily using steps mention below

How to Track Unconfirmed Transaction

  • Go to and
  • Type your Transaction id and you can find all your pending transaction status.

Don’t panic sometimes transaction takes 5-7 days and if you are buying and selling between exchanges then this type of trading is highly risky because sometimes transaction stuck for more then 20 days.

i hope now you Know What to Do if Your Bitcoin Transaction Gets “Stuck”.

Using blocktrail website you can track all your transactions that you have done from your bitcoin address.

Low Fee

Sometime low fee is also responsible for slow Bitcoin Transaction, if you are facing this problem again and again then i suggest you to increase the fees to avoid this problem in future.

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