Bitsum vs Verge Which is Best Privacy Coin

Verge V/S Bitsum

Verge and Bitsum are the two new cryptocurrencies entered the market and in this article complete description about these two coins was given. In this, the differences and advantages between these two coins verge and Bitsum were completely explained.

Verge: It is a cryptocurrency was designed for everyday use and it was developed upon the advanced technology of Bitcoin Blockchain. Its aim is to do fast and efficient transactions providing individual or business with a decentralized system by direct transactions with personal privacy.

Bitsum: It is also decentralized currency introduced by Uzbekistan. The algorithm it follows is CryptoNote and it is open for all. The main aim of Bitsum is the creation of decentralized cryptocurrency in TAS-IX and it is open for everyone to take part in promotion or development. No mediator is required to send or receive Bitsum and without interest of transfer. Bitsum can be earned just by becoming a member of the system. You can skip the Bitsum just by closing the page.


Privacy: If we observe the difference between verge and Bitsum is there so much variation. Verge coin has privacy settings but not at the beginning it came into force after some days and usage of Blockchain is highly recommended because it works on Bitcoin Blockchain. But in Bitsum, the Blockchain is new to everyone and mainly the privacy setting is open to all even everyone can take chance to propagate the coin.

The privacy settings of Bitsum is a little bit dangerous when compared to the verge. Because the privacy settings are required for the safety of user data but in Bitsum anyone can enter into the system.

Mediator: For every cryptocurrency, a certain mediator means exchange will be needed but in the case of Bitsum any mediator is not required. But for Verge coin so many exchanges are available like Bittrex, C-Cex, Litebit etc. Overall in both cases mediator is not required for Bitsum but in case of Verge, it is required.

Transfer of money: Transferring of money in Verger coin is directly accessed but in the case of Bitsum it is not showing any interest in the transfer of money. The transfer option of Bitsum is totally different and unpredictable when compared to Verger.

Regulation of Coin: For every cryptocurrency have their own wallet to maintain its coin transfers and required data but Bitsum runs on Telegram and Console Client. In the case of Bitsum we can get out by just closing the page and this option is different from Verger.

Algorithm: The algorithms of both cryptocurrencies uses are completely different. Verger coin uses the algorithm that tries to beat original Bitcoin Blockchain for the fast transactions. And the algorithm used by Bitsum is CryptoNote it is new algorithm prepared for Bitsum. Basically, the cryptocurrencies use two different type of algorithms.

Block time: The block time is totally different between the two coins the block time of Verger is 30 seconds and Bitsum is 120 seconds. But in between both of them, Verger coin has fast block time when compared to Bitsum.


There are many advantages of both cryptocurrencies Verger and Bitsum. Here explained in detail about the advantages of both cryptocurrencies.

Open for all: Both the two cryptocurrencies are open for all. The two cryptocurrencies are available to everyone and all over the world to distribute their services all over the world. In the case of Bitsum, it can be operated by anyone and they can make developments also. These currencies are anonymous and can be run, everyone.

Decentralization: The decentralization of the currency of the two coins are also looking good. These two currencies are open to all and not to centre anyone to the coin.

Fast transactions: The main advantage of these two coins is its fast transactions by adopting different technologies like Simple payment Verification (SPV) followed by Verger within 5 seconds. And Bitsum uses telegram as there platform to do transactions etc.

Anonymous and privacy: The privacy followed by the cryptocurrencies is well maintained. The privacy of Verger is better than Bitsum in keeping the records of users’ transactions safely. The privacy rules of both currencies are well developed with their technologies.

Community support: The community support of both Verger and Bitsum is good. But when compared to Bitsum the community support of Verger is a little bit higher.

Best exchanges: The exchanges the two cryptocurrencies follow also is easy to access. A number of exchange platforms are available all over the world for verger some of the examples are Bittrex, SouthXchange, NeXchange etc. For Bitsum the exchange platform is Telegram.

Accepting currency all over the world: Mostly the verger currency is accepted all over the world like Nexwave, PexPeppers, Incredebites etc. Rather than Bitsum Verger currency is acceptable in different vendors as payments for goods and services.

Overall Outlook of two currencies:

By following the above data, these two coins look good in different areas. When it came to privacy of the coin both are trying to secure the data of the coin but Verge has developed their privacy after initiating the coin. The service charges of Bitsum is very less when compared to Verge coin. The transaction mode of Bitsum is nice rather than Verge because it didn’t need any mediator to transfer their funds because they can easily transfer through messenger. But the blocktime of Bitsum is less when compared to Verge with a difference of 90 seconds.

If we observe both the coins are the best in different niches and they are competing with each other. But when came to Bitsum it is more popular because of its new technology of using messenger as a wallet to the coin. So, both verge and Bitsum are on the same scale with slight differences. But some specifications of Bitsum is little high than Verge.

Specification of two Cryptocurrencies


Algorithm Proof-of-work: CryptoNote

The maximum number of coins: = 184.47 billion (app)

Block time: 120 seconds


Symbol: XVG

Algorithm: Scrypt, x17, groestl, blake2s, and lyra2rev2

Block time: 30 seconds.



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