Create token on Solana network without any Coding

I will now share some simple steps to create a token on the Solana network. Before we begin, it’s important to note that tokens on the Solana network are called SPL Tokens, where “SPL” stands for “Solana Program Library.”

Here are the steps to create a Solana token:

1. Go to the Solana Token Creator Tool at or
2. Connect your Solana Wallet.
3. Provide the desired Token Name.
4. Enter the Token Symbol.
5. Choose the Token Decimals. Typically, 9 Decimals are used, but if you’re creating a whitelist token, select 0 Decimals.
6. Craft a description for your Token.
7. Upload the designated Token Image.
8. Specify the Token Supply.
9. Click the “Create Token” button.
10. Confirm the transaction. A payment of 0.5 SOL is required.

Both of the tools mentioned in the above steps are safe to use, and many popular tokens have used them to create their tokens.

Now, let’s move on to the steps after creating SPL Tokens.

The first step you should take after creating a token is to revoke the mint authority. This will fix your token supply and prevent you from creating more tokens on the network, making it more secure for buyers. You can do this by visiting

The next step is to lock or burn tokens or liquidity. You can learn how to do this on the Solana network by visiting a guide on “How to Lock or Burn Tokens.”

Once you have created and burned your token, you can track its address on

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