How to Burn or Lock SPL Tokens or Liquidity in Solana Network

The Solana network has gained popularity among users, leading to the launch of many memecoins on this network. This is due to the low network fees and the increasing number of projects moving to the Solana ecosystem.

If you are new to the Solana network and have recently created an SPL token without coding, and you want to burn or lock team tokens or liquidity to provide users with a safe environment, we can share some websites that can help you achieve this.

How to burn Tokens and Liquidity in Solana network

  • To burn tokens or liquidity, simply visit the website Connect your wallet address, go to the token tab, and you will -find all your extra tokens that you can click on and burn.
  • To burn liquidity, select the pro mode from the settings. After enabling pro mode, the liquidity token will be visible in the token section. You can then select and burn it.

How to Lock Tokens and Liquidity in Solana network

Currently, there is only one platform that offers the option to lock tokens and liquidity on the Solana network. Many popular projects, such as BONK, are utilizing this website service. The website in question is It is a safe platform to use, allowing you to easily connect and lock your tokens and liquidity.

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