Earn 6% Interest on Bitcoin and Ethereum Saving Accounts

As you know Bitcoin is moving very fast as more and more people are learning and investing in Bitcoin and many big institutions and public companies are investing billions in bitcoin, which results in a sudden rise in bitcoin price.

Earning Interest in Bitcoin is a very important use case of Bitcoin.

Many people ask what is the use case of bitcoin, how can we use it, it’s just like you are asking what is the use of GOLD. Bitcoin is evolving slowly and there are already many use cases of bitcoin.

Today we will mention 5 Websites that are giving 4% to 6% Interest on Bitcoin.

Block fi 

It’s a New York-based crypto platform that offers two banking products which are crypto interest accounts to cryptos or bitcoin investors and crypto loans to cryptos borrowers. By opening a crypto account on this platform the investors who have invested in bitcoin will get more than 6% interest with a compound interest per year. Block Fi is the most trusted platform for many bitcoin investing companies including big names like coinbase and fidelity. Block Fi stores its client’s data with the utmost security. You can withdraw your bitcoin from Block Fi without any charges or interest monthly. 

Celsius network 

It is the most transparent crypto platform for bitcoin investors who want to earn high profits. It was launched in 2017 and now has more than 40000 active wallets with $200m investments. Through investing bitcoin in the Celsius platform you can earn up to 5.97% interest and 13.56% interest on stable coins. You can deposit your bitcoin free of cost and can withdraw them instantly. There is no minimum limit of deposit funds on the Celsius network. You can easily get your payments on a very flexible weekly basis. Celsius network is not only best for investing bitcoin but also other cryptocurrencies and stable coins like Ethereum, USDC, PAX. 


It’s a new cryptocurrency fintech and has its headquarters in Cyprus and Switzerland. It provides lending services to individuals and companies like traditional banks. By putting your cryptos on collateral, you can earn up to 12% interest. You can easily convert, cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies to the supported coins and money. Once you deposit funds in your You Holder account, your monthly interest periods start, and will get a payout of interest at the end of every month. You can get up to 4.8% of interest on bitcoin with YouHolder. 


It’s a centralized crypto interest platform that offers up to 4.5% to 6.5% of interest on bitcoin. It supports more other forms of interest in digital assets. This platform is used by more than 5 million users globally. You can convert your fiat money freely with cryptos.com Earn. You can set your interest period on daily, monthly, or 90 days lock-up period. 


Coin Loan was launched in 2016, under the registration of the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority. Coin Loan allows you to create a mode of passive income by investing in fiat money, bitcoin, and other forms of digital assets. It offers up to 6.6% of interest on bitcoin. 


There are many similar project launching in Crypto market, But we suggest you to use service once you are fully satisfied that project is 100% Genuine.


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