3 Free Crypto Exchanges To List Your Erc20 Token

Cryptocurrency as an alternate digital currency is the principle of conversion of physical money to digital one and thereby securing and safeguarding its value from effects of inflation. Blockchain technology has enabled the decentralization of the cryptocurrency and making them eligible for public financial transaction database.

Is it important to list your token on an exchange?

Well, getting your token listed on the exchange may seem to be a difficult procedure, but it could be straightforward with actions well thought of. While you get your token listed on reputable media, it is like you are having a toss between success and failure. Holding on to a substantial amount of token and maintaining the value of the token is significant for ICO projects, provided you hold enough funds to support the development of the project.

Currently, there are more than 500 exchanges, and requirements of listing vary according to platforms. Product or service of the project needs to be of high quality, and a broad range of information regarding the project is required to get a new token listed. It’s also essential for the token to pass the Howey Test, a precedent set by the Supreme Court of US Government. Once a token is submitted, it requires patience for being evaluated.

What are the most preferred platforms for exchange of cryptocurrency?

Well, while there are various platforms for listing your tokens, you have to bull eye those that have a free listing. Although, everything is not entirely free and it attracts a bit of fee for each transaction. Let us now check out the three major crypto exchanges and the fees they charge from the investors.

Uniswap is the most popular decentralised cryptocurrency exchange for ethereum based token, You can list your token in this platform for free all you need is liquidity, means you can list your token in pool with ethereum token for example if you want to sale 100k tokens where price per token is 1$ then you need to add 100k worth ETH as well .

Second BTC

Second BTC is one of the major crypto exchanges that attract investors and deal in all BTC, ETH, and USDT. Here the exchange rates are as follows:

All trade attracts 0.2 % commission

Currency Deposit Charges Withdrawal Charges Minimum deposit Minimum Withdrawal Maximum Withdrawal
Bitcoin 0 0.0001` 0 0.002 10
Ethereum 0 0.002 0 0.005 500
Tether 0 5 0 10 10000
Docademic 0 10 0 0 0
B2B coin 0 0 0 0 0


IDEX being the first decentralized smart exchange of contract based on Ethereum supports real-time exchange and high transaction throughput. As per the design of the IDEX smart contract, only the exchange is authorized and submits signed trades to Ethereum. IDEX enables users for continuous trade without waiting for transactions for mining, filling multiple orders and canceling orders. IDEX charges 0.2% for the market takers and for the market makers, it is 0.1%. The Ethereum gas prices have increased, and anyways, in some cases, it is higher than the IDEX exchange fees of 0.2 %. High gas prices have also resulted in instituting order minimums and reducing costs for the users.


Cryptocurrency users experiment with different trading platforms to search for the lowest fees, best coin offerings, and that has the ability to margin trade. EtherDelta is one of the exciting new options available in the world of advanced decentralized exchange platforms. As regards ICO token trading, looks of the EtherDelta site may not count, but it is the place to be. Decentralization is the key part which means that there is no need for trusting an administrator to hold funds. Your money is actually held in a small contract that allows you to make deposit, trade and withdraw. Apart from security benefits, EtherDelta allows early access for investors. The Ethereum transaction involves a gas fee which is paid to the miners. Decentralized exchanges aren’t all about mainstream, but it is less user-friendly than any other platform.

The fees involved are as follows:

Transaction Fees
Deposit ETH 0.0003ETH
Withdrawl ETH 0.0001 ETH
Deposit token 0.0001 ETH
Withdrawn token 0.0002 ETH
Trade 0.0003ETH
Cancel order 0.0002 ETH

Ether delta charges a fee of 0.03 % paid by a person executes an order.

All the fees attracted by actions are as follows:

Action Fees
Deposit Free
Withdraw Free
Placing an order ( adding liquidity fee) Free
Execution against else’s order take ( taking liquidity fee) 0.3%

There are various platforms where your token can be exchanged with the minimum possible fees. However, the facts which are to be kept in mind before you go to raise an ICO are:

  • What percentage will be allocated to your team, partners and investors?
  • Where will the money go to that you have raised?
  • What percent of cap do you want to set?
  • What If you want to have a pre-sale?

Well, depending on the goals set by you, you have to act and choose crypto exchanges to list your token.

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