How to fix the stuck uniswap transaction with MetaMask?

In today’s world, no one likes having incomplete dealings because it is quite annoying and probably happens when the network is significantly loaded. Your dealings might have a too low gas fee and miners are simply ignoring it to like others dealing with higher fees. As you the meaning of DeFi is a decentralized finance application on Ethereum is growing ascendingly from the past few years. tons of products are introduced, from decentralized lending to Yield farming, but the less have their experience with the usage and growth Uniswap has. 

The amount of transactions being submitted and therefore the number of users trading features a rise on Uniswap, an uncertain amount of congestion is being faced by the Ethereum network and on the opposite hand, possesses higher transaction fees. With this, adding extra about the Uniswap’s small assets or micro-cap assets, the volatility is high, and is that the transaction is usually ending up going back thanks to the indefinable slippage of not being enough or the worth of gas is becoming uplifted mid-transaction which then cause to stuck the transaction.

This leads to you being stuck as a result of till that dealings are resolved you can’t send the other dealings. 

In short, you want to remove pending ethereum dealing with metamask?

But do you have metamask in chrome? If not then we will provide you with the official address and process. 


  • Firstly, install etherscan on chrome then open the etherscan. Then you have two options:
    • Paste your ethereum address on etherscan then searched all your unfinished payments. 
    • Open etherscan and paste tx hash of the unfinished trades.

It can be better understood with the following illustration: illustration of unfinished dealings in etherscan then discover the oldest incomplete transaction, click on it thereafter click to see more to get the Nonce number of that transaction.

Let’s get deeper into it 

Now the vision behind canceling unfinished dealings is to really send brand new dealing with an equivalent nonce however with better fees miner can be verified and assured. 

Once this can be done, the previous unfinished dealings with an equivalent nowadays can merely be off and forgotten by the network as a result of solely distinctive nowadays dealings per ETH address will exist.

For getting dipper into it you must have below given info

Your Ethereum address

  • Nonce of blocked unfinished dealings
  • MetaMask put in and running along with your Ethereum address

How to send your own transactions? 

The thing is MetaMask doesn’t allow anyone to use there nonce but one solution is you can modify the option in the configuration.

After that click on this button

After this tap the settings button

Then tap on settings click on the advanced button

For fixing the pending tx allows customizing transaction nonce as well as advanced gas controls. After that exit from configuration and tap on the SEND button.


Now paste the ethereum address then after add ten GWEI. Many people make these mistakes and the stuck pending transaction so, Assured that you would not exceed the network average Gas Price. Quit the Gas limit as it touches 21000 and then taps on next.

In this page you would be able to set your own custom nonce then, set it nonce of your blocked pending transaction properly, and then simply tap on the confirm. Then MetaMask will ask you for signing in but the choice is you’re either you want to do with the ledger or with any other.

After signing in the transaction will be sent and your blocked pending transaction should now be canceled. If you have another incomplete transaction then you are still blocked after this and the procedure remains the same.

After signing in the transaction will be sent and your blocked pending transaction should now be canceled. If you have another incomplete transaction then you are still blocked after this and the procedure remains the same.

Reset the account

This option is available for all the users before doing this knows the fact that it is an irreversible action.

  • In the top corner of the page of MetaMask, there is an Account icon tap on it.
  • In the Account, icon tap on the setting. 
  • Then after go for the icon named Advanced tap it into it select the reset account option. 

 Is prevention better than cure? 

So, below are the tips that this will not happen again

  • In a couple of days check the ETH Had Station
  • Do not trust on the pre-configured gas price from the MetaMask
  • While doing the transaction anyhow edit the Gas Price MetaMask
  • Set it in the custom or in the fast.

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