Huobi Exchange accusing Binance/Coinmarketcap for ‘distorting’ Crypto Exchange rankings?

As you know Binance recently acquired Coinmarketcap and its not good news for many exchanges who are using Coinmarketcap as a major source of Traffic.

Recently Huobi Exchange VP Ciara Sun accused Binance of ‘distorting’ Crypto rankings? He also shares one Infographic saying Huboi is top Ranked exchange.

Exchange Traffic plays a vital role in deciding how people are using that exchange and Binance is using that as important signal to Rank exchanges. Deposit and Fake volume can be easily created but generating traffic towards your exchange costs a lot of money.

Binance knows how Exchanges work and this is why they used one ranking policy. Now after applying this system many exchanges experienced a huge drop in traffic and they now can’t mention anywhere that they are among top exchanges in CMC.

Huobi current CMC rank is 18 and this is why Huobi VP is angry and accusing Binance for ‘distorting’ Crypto rankings?

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