Introduction to CORE in-depth! Know everything about CORE

Using the decentralized approach, CORE autonomously comes up with strategies for generating more profits. So basically, CORE is a non-inflationary cryptocurrency that completely replaces the need to hire a person or a group to come up with an autonomous strategy. When a developer or group of developers are responsible for executing profit-generating strategies, there may be chances of mistakes. Because of such small mistakes, the health of the funds can be severely damaged. Such mistakes can be completely avoided by replacing the existing autonomous methods with CORE.

With the help of CORE, the CORE token holders can predict the strategies and vote on what goes live, including the time. From all the profits earned using these strategies, 5% of the profit is used to auto market-buy the CORE token.

Distribution of CORE

With the help of a liquidity event, the CORE team is planning to start the initial distribution of CORE. So here is how the liquidity event will work- To receive the tokens in the launch, ETH needs to be contributed. The contributed ETH will be then added into the Uniswap liquidity pool after being matched. Once the process is complete, no one will be able to remove the liquidity tokens from the uni swap liquidity pool.

Powered by real yield

The CORE team is using interchangeable strategies to farm coins inside the pool. The reason for this is to encourage more TVL and real money into the CORE. Anyone interested in farming CORE will be receiving a huge incentive.

CORE can be bought from the farmed yield

To market-but CORE, all the farmed yield from the staked funds are used. Due to this, the CORE holders will always be benefited because of yield-bearing activities. In case if the farmers decide to sell, the transfer fee of the CORE tokens are returned to the farming pools.

Keep the loses minimum

There is a common belief that by adding more pools, the rewards of the pools can be diluted that is currently being farmed. To avoid such situations, the CORE fees are being paid by additional farming pools. Thus, because of the positive market pressure, the CORE will appreciate the value, even though the rewards are diluted during farming.

Deflationary farming

To keep the users farming, they will have to give more coins. Due to this, the value of the tokens is destroyed because of inflation.

To avoid such situations, we offer a better solution called deflationary farming. It only includes the following 2 steps:

  • For the transfer of tokens, a certain fee is charged.
  • The required fee can be earned by the users by farming.

With the help of this simple solution, the token holders can farm without worrying about inflation.

Real governance

The CORE team has decided to give all the decision making power to the community. The community can decide things like the developer fee, the addition of more pools, disabling of the pools, fee approver contract and much more.

On all the transfers for farming, the CORE will charge 1% of the fee. 7% of the amount will be charged as the developer fee. The remaining 93% goes to the farmers.

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