Is bitcoin a good investment?

Bitcoin is a digital asset that operates on a decentralized ledger technology regarded as blockchains. Bitcoin offers lower transaction charges than many online payment systems. Bitcoins are an easiest and cheap option in international transactions because it is not tied with any countries’ rules and regulations.

Before investing in bitcoins, the question here is where to invest bitcoins so that it can give high profits to the investors? To invest our money in bitcoin is as related to putting our money in the stock markets. Investors can directly open their online brokerage account with some companies that deal with crypto investments. Depositing funds and buying bitcoins can also make you eligible for selling it for profits and losses.

Bitcoins have inspired many investors, but still, bitcoins or cryptocurrencies took the market’s capitalization. Bitcoins provide you with much greater value and trade options just like you have gold in your pockets.

Why invest in bitcoins?

Investing in bitcoins has been very popular for over a decade since its launch in 2009. But many traditional investors think what is so special in investing in bitcoins which stock markets cannot have?

Scarcity & network effect 

Bitcoins limit it to 21 million coins, which gives potential and scarcity which gives value to it for the investors. There is no authority given to any investors to change the limits of bitcoins.

Digital monetary commodity 

Bitcoin has digital commodities with unique attributes. It has no use in industries, it’s scarce, durable, portable across nations, and possesses all qualities of paper currency.

Gold vs Bitcoin 

Gold does not have any monetary use of industries, it only uses 10% of industries, unlike bitcoins. The other 90% is based on jewelry demand for people to store as wealth. But bitcoin is not like gold, it can only be used with money properties.

Reasons for why bitcoins are an attractive investment for investors

The global crisis and low markets in terms of finance after the corona pandemic led many investors to look for a safer and perfect option for investing in such as cryptocurrencies or bitcoins. 

Those investors who want to hold some assets which are resistant to inflammation may find bitcoin an attractive option to invest. The performance of bitcoins over many years has made many attractive and institutional investors put their money in earning high profits. Let’s look at some reasons which make cryptocurrencies a good option for investors – 


Bitcoins tops the list of being no. 1 liquid asset in the world. It’s easy to trade bitcoins for cash and assets like gold with low charges. If investors are looking for short-term profits then investing in bitcoins is a worthwhile idea.

Lower inflammation risk 

Other currencies like paper notes are regulated by the government but bitcoin is a decentralized digital commodity that reduces the risk of lowering the values of Cryptos.

New opportunity 

Trading in bitcoins or cryptocurrencies is very popular and young these times which may create many opportunities for investors.

Minimalistic trading 

If you opt for stock trading, you will require some certificate or license to be permissible to invest, but for buying bitcoins you do not need any license, you can easily buy or sell bitcoins and place them in your bitcoins’ wallet.

Wide acceptance 

Nowadays many merchants have become the acceptors of bitcoins, that’s why investing in bitcoins gives you a worth use of it. If you don’t want to use paper money to buy luxury assets, it can be a good option in the form of exchange and can be accepted in major countries of the world.


The method of bitcoins has made many investors participate and earn high profits. Unlike stock markets, which have many ups and downs and sometimes give a huge loss to investors, bitcoins are a secure investment option that is resistant to inflammation as well.

No third party 

Bitcoin operates with the technology of peer-to-peer digital transactions which make investors free from giving high fees to the middlemen regarding advice and suggestions of stock.

Easy application 

A Bitcoin wallet can operate on any smartphone or desktop which enables the investors to invest, buy, or sell bitcoins from anywhere through easy online applications. The transferring of bitcoins through online mode is safe with two encrypted codes.


Bitcoins have two separate keys i.e private and public key, where the Private key is only be operated by the account holder, and transaction in the bitcoins wallet cannot be traced which makes it a popular Investment option in the black market.


Bitcoin is portable in the way that investors can carry million-dollar currencies in the form of bitcoins to different countries and can invest easily and with proper security without revealing it to others.

Risks of investing in bitcoins or cryptocurrencies

Since we have looked up why investing in bitcoins can prove to be a good investment let’s look at riskier investments in cryptocurrencies. Bitcoins, if used properly, can be the perfect investment for the future but if not used properly can also take you to losses for a whole life. Here are some reasons which make bitcoin a risk option to invest in.

Increased volatility 

When comparing cryptocurrencies with the stock market or real estate, bitcoin is more volatile. Problems of hacking accounts and others can cause investors to lose their investments in just one go.

Potential network stall 

The value of cryptocurrencies is based on building a strong product that networkers want to use. If the network does not make users convinced of their product, the price of bitcoin will see an immense drop-off and this will be an unhealthier option for investors investing huge money.

Potential shortage of resources 

Like startups who left out resources and cannot continue their work, the investors also bear losses if their cryptocurrencies do not make much amount of money or make much lower than expected.

Potential mismanagement 

Investors who are investing in bitcoins need to have a look at which team they are investing their money. They need to know every detail of their team background so that in the future no type of malfunction happened and no losses will be there.

Bitcoin prices have been significantly increasing ease since it’s launched. About 10 years from now cryptocurrencies technology will run our lives. It will become normal in the future to save, spend, and trade with bitcoins in the coming future. Many applications are developed and some features are also underdeveloped to make the use of cryptocurrency easy and simple.

Nowadays cryptocurrencies have made a very popular place in investing money options that attract investors the most. But like stock markets bitcoins also have benefits and risks which need to be considered before investing so that investors can be safe from future losses. Bitcoin aims to build an environment for entrepreneurship. It offers potential growth to invest in bitcoins for entrepreneurship. It’s also a type of commodity which can help in building a strong and effective economy. Bitcoins are a great option of investing in for retrofits easily just make sure before investing in the cryptocurrencies to look at its reasons and risks involved in bitcoins.

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