Nostradamus Predictions on Bitcoin!

The numerous predictions were made by the French Astrologer Michel De Nostredame, who is well known by the name Nostradamus. He has a renowned name as a physician and a fortune seer. He has made tremendous predictions in his well-known book which has thousands of poetic quatrains predicting forthcoming events and quotations. The predictions made by him are considered as the most promising ones working for the welfare of the people around.

The predictions of Nostradamus comprise of the natural, political and financial welfare affairs. The book of predictions drafted by him and the discussions related to it rose again in 2018 stating about a ruler who will lead to World War 3 and people consider that ruler to be Trump. He also has stated about the end of the world in the 21st Century due to various calamities.

The prognosis stated by him mentioned the rise and downfall of Hitler, which proved to be exact. The book was written by him also has stated about the monetary assets that will replace the currency exchange system in the forthcoming.

Nostradamus predictions on Bitcoin

The liabilities of such currency stated by Nostradamus are similar to the Cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin. It is believed that there is a correlation between the revelations made by Nostradamus with the currently trending Bitcoin. Despite being formulated more than 500 years back in the past Viper2097 believes that he has found the proof that can justify this connection of Nostradamus to the Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin as stated on Reddit.

Nostradamus never speculated about the implementation of the taxes on the population imposed by the Government. 

He believed that it is a kind of theft done to the population by their ruler, which if saved can assist numerous people with their chores. Nostradamus had faith that the taxation system will be eradicated from the entire system with the progress in the monetary asset that replaces money i.e. Bitcoin.

The western world will gain complete freedom from taxes with the growth of Bitcoin as it an asset that is not applicable under usual monetary laws. He has compared the oppose to taxation as a revolt against the government over taxation. He reckons that the imposition of a tax system on the population does not attain them complete freedom. 

In relation to Bitcoin, the seer stated that “People refuse to pay the tax to the king.” This statement implies that the crowd will deny the payment of taxes to the King and the ruler will be bound to follow and respect their statement. “On that day, many will celebrate freedom in a country that taxes mercilessly.”, is also documented in the dissertation of the visionary. The financial freedom that will be acquired by the civilization will be eternal as they will come up with a revolt against the tax and tax norms.

Nostradamus always made his predictions relying on the calculations and evaluations he had seen in his wit. The seer’s belief over the tax system and its connection with the monetary asset relates completely with today’s bitcoin. 



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