5 Popular IDO platform for Ethereum and Binance

Apart from the financing chain, the Binance Smart Chain operates alongside. Unlike the Binance Chain, the BSC is compliant and has intelligent contract features with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. This design aimed to keep Binance Chain’s high throughput while incorporating smart contracts into its ecosystem.

All the blockchains run simultaneously in turn. It should be noted that BSC is a scalability solution for layer two or off-chain. It’s a stand-alone blockchain that will continue to function even if Binance Chain goes down. In terms of design, however, both chains are remarkably identical.

BSC released with support for the vast universe of Ethereum software and DApps since it is EVM compliant. It should make it simple for developers to migrate their projects from Ethereum to Bitcoin. It ensures that programs such as MetaMask can conveniently program to work with BSC, which is good news for consumers. 

The function of Binance Smart Chain 


A test-of-stake consensus algorithm complements Binance Smart Chain three-second block times. Participants can make BNB validators, which is called Staked Authority Confirmation. They will be compensated transaction fees if they propose a valid block.

There is no block subsidy to freshly BNB, unlike many other protocols, because BNB is not inflationary. On the opposite, when the Binance team burns coins daily, the supply of BNB decreases with time.

Cross-chain compatibility

It is a standalone device designed by Binance Smart Chain which functions in conjunction with the current Binance Chain. The system uses a dual-chain architecture that enables users to transfer assets easily between blockchains. In this way, Binance Chain allows for fast trading while BSC allows for the development of powerful decentralized applications. Users are open to a vast ecosystem that can cater to various use cases due to this interoperability.

Under the present Binance Smart Chain standard, the BEP-2 and BEP-8 Tokens can be sold for BEP-20 Tokens. Ethereum does the same as bitcoin. The easiest way to move tokens is by using the Binance Chain Wallet that is available on Firefox and Chrome.


Over the past year, the Defi market grew exponentially. A new pressure point finds on every excellent test case. The increasing gas charges for the Ethereum Protocol is one of the immense pain discovered.

We saw traffic divert to other protocols like Binance Smart Chain as high gas prices were an obstacle to modern technologies and the threat to trade. As the number of BSC projects has grown enormously, several similar projects on Ethereum have also been looking for alternatives.

Oxbull.Tech develops in the Blockchain sector, where progression and creativity are defining the future. This community of computer science major and technical enthusiasms aim at introducing efficiency and credibility.

Taking the knowledge and experience of the community, Oxbull. Tech aims at helping the startup of startups while linking the Group and Investors to existing ventures without having to face expensive, vague startup problems and unfavorable Rug-Pulls.

Fairmont Coin

Today’s Fairmoon price is $0.02070965 with a $4,494,922 trading value in 24 hours. The price of FAIRMOON in the last 24 hours has increased by 49.0 percent. It has 0 FAIRMOON coins in circulation with a maximum production of 5 billion. 

Fairmont is a decentralized IDO platform that supports the introduction of stable, reliable Binance Smart Chain projects.


The BSC LaunchPad is the Financing Smart Chain Network’s first decentralized IDO platform.

BSCPad would empower the distribution of tokens and liquidity for cryptocurrency ventures.

BSCPad has found a compromise to encourage and recompense all token holders in a low-level and inclusive way. The main flaws of the current launchpads are that it is prohibitive to acquire sufficient tokens to compete in the ecosystem and, while you keep these tokens, no allocation point is assured. They are based on an automatic bot first arrive, on which the white-list spots can supply in just a few seconds. BSCPad creates an equal and decentralized beginning.


Rugs will easily shame the growing ecosystem’s enormous potential. The Ethereum blockchain is being stopped from innovating for bootstrapping projects. Exorbitant gas fees almost lead to new project releases being delayed. Current ventures lost user commitment – hundreds of ETH customers have to stakes, claim and pay fees for ordinary trades.

However, it’s not easy to deter creativity. Developers have been looking for cheap alternatives for deploying their experiments in the last quarter. The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has become a platform for new Solidity-related product releases and existing projects.


KickPad, one of Devi’s most awaited sites, is unveiling the first DEX offering featuring the Orakuru Concept, a smart chain oracle. It will have the most significant number of BSC feeds when it is launched. For validation, any node will earn the APY.

His peer-to-peer nature is one of the main reasons why people are attracted to crypto. Crypto assets allow users to work in different financial markets and communicate without intermediaries with various types of assets. The $42 billion in decentralized finance ventures reflects this development in pure numbers. 

Deflationary farmable high yield Defi Tokens disrupt the conventional financial system and transforms them. They focus on the return sector and stress group governance and empower token holders. It is made possible because anonymous projects are led and published on incognito websites by unknown developers. An essential part of this puzzle is the original DEX offerings.

Security and rights to privacy are critical principles of IDOs, and the Defi group shares the principle. It is made possible by innovative players, such as Orakuru, who constitute the bedrock of Web 3.0 infrastructure.

Ethereum IDO Platform

Ethereum is a technology for giving somebody a low cost for cryptocurrencies. It also authorizes applications that nobody does and can use.

Ethereum draws on the invention of Bitcoin with some significant differences. You will both use digital money without suppliers of payments or banks. But Ethereum can be programmed to be used for a variety of digital currencies, including Bitcoin!

It also means that Ethereum has more to do than pay. It’s a financial service marketplace, games, and apps that cannot rob or censor your data.


DuckDAO seems to revolutionize the funding market early on by acquiring more lucrative financing solutions for its vast Geese population.

DuckDAO is a special crypto collector network, nothing more. There’s nothing like that. Consider it to be a decentralized VC finance network, where it is only necessary to enter vetted, long-established projects if there is a particular token known as DuckDaoDime.

Customers can enter the DuckDAO within groups by holding DDIM numbers so they can profit from the advantageous, frequently exclusive deals before anybody else.

As a community-driven crypto-incubator, DuckDAO helps virtually all to participate in successful, early-stage crypto-startups while encouraging user acquisition and publicity. It’s an up-and-coming model characterized by incubation tasks such as Bond and Base Protocol that create large profits for investors.


In addition to its community-based incubator, DuckDAO also operates a public token sales launchpad called DuckSTARTER. Until the activities are carried out on public exchanges, DUCK DLP tokens holders shall compete in the final token sale round with DuckSTARTER.

DuckDAO is working on the first, first-served (FCFS) foundation of DuckSTARTER to ensure that all candidates receive an equal amount of funding.

DuckSTARTER was launched with great pleasure last month, and all tasks started on the site produced unexpected returns, with Shadows alone producing a 42.9x individual return.


Polkastarter is the latest addition to this series that began in December 2020, but let it not confuse you: it is a prosperous network of over 200,000 future customers.

It is planned to make it easy for projects to build interoperable token pools that can be dynamic value exchanges or a fixed price. It makes it a valuable cash collection platform for investors to see new tokens while also investing.

Polkastarter is nothing but a simple launching platform for a project. The core features of the business are currently in development and are expected for launch in 2021—or after the introduction of Polkadot blockchain.

While the roadmap was behind it, the first DEX bid (IDO), which several years after was facilitated by most popular campaigns, like Blockchain Cuties, Ethernity, and Convergence, had been a great success.

Anyone can play Polkastarter IDO, but you must have at least 3,000 Pols to enter POLS holders pools.

DAO Maker is unique in that it gives many other firms its SaaS approach.

As with all other choices on this list, you have to have specific tokens to get the best chance of cooperation on the DAO-Developer launches; in this case, a DAO-Token is required.


Poolz, which aims at bridging the divide between crypt companies and early investors, complements POOLZ’s full-stack portfolio of items.

Pools have demonstrated integration in Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to extend Defi services in the crypto room to provide a multi-channel decentralized Initial decentralized bid network (IDO). The collaboration with the BSC is a product of the blockchain startup’s efforts to bring liquidity to emerging ventures to raise investors’ funds.

The combination of the two ecosystems will facilitate the conduct of IDOs at Poolz with the BNB token through Binance Smart Chain projects. It will pave the way in DeFi’s token liquidity Auctions for a real-world implementation of blockchain technology.

Due to their scalability, speed, and significantly lower costs than the Ethereum network, Binance Smart Chain quickly becomes a new center for decentralized financial enterprises. BSC offers a platform for game-changing to encourage new spatial development and provide a prepared demand or audience funding for future projects.

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