Top 5 Exchanges to Buy Bitcoin Altcoins in India

Top exchanges to buy Bitcoin in India

Everyone knows about Bitcoin in present cryptocurrency market, it is the most popular and demanded altcoin. There is a huge popularity to Bitcoin all over the world. It is also available in India, but some people are unaware to exchange it into INR. For them this will help to know the different exchange platforms to exchange Bitcoin into INR. The random value of Bitcoin in India is around Rs 10 lakhs. By its immense growth people are attracting to it very vastly.

Best 5 exchanges in India for BTC:

In order to buy Bitcoin and other such cryptocurrencies there are many exchanges. But we have to choose the best. By steady and keen research, here we are placing top 5 exchange platforms according to surveys.

1. Coindelta:

Coindelta is also one of the upcoming exchange platform for Bitcoin. As a primary step everyone has to complete their KYC to the account, it will be completed within hours in Coindelta. Here Coindelta introduced two new terms makers and takers. Makers are defined as the one that places orders in order book and Takers are defined as the one that takes the orders from makers if it matches their orders. The transaction fee for makers and takers is 0% and 0.3%. When compared to many other exchange platforms the rates of Coindelta is quite less.

Coindelta processes faster transactions for digital assets of deposits or withdrawals with their automated settlements through NEFT/IMPS/RTGS and payment gateway. The security they use for transactions are highly secured with Google authenticator and session hijack prevention. And reliability of suspecting suspicious acts to become a problem before. A team always scans the ongoing transactions to trace any suspicious acts and they report and block the activities.

Coindelta is a responsible exchange for the customers. It has 24/7 support to customers to verify their problems and solve doubts regarding their transactions. The trading Engine of Coindelta is able to process 50 orders per seconds and it reached to 500 orders per seconds in 2017.
Available cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin, Omise Go, Qtum, Ripple and Bitcoin cash.

2. Zebpay:

Zebpay is an app based wallet to exchange and to maintain Bitcoin. It was founded by Mahin Gupta in late 2012. Its headquarters are in Singapore with IT office in Ahmedabad Gujarat. It was first named as, it was India’s first Bitcoin exchange and later it was renamed as Zebpay in September 2014 by adding two more partners into it. Zebpay wallet is easy to sell and buy or store Bitcoin in the wallet by using the just mobile number and 4 digits pin. It is quite easy to do a transaction without fear of losing Bitcoin. Zebpay is voted as the best new Bitcoin exchange in CoinAgenda conference.

As a common process Zebpay takes KYC and AML policies. After singing up in Zebpay it verifies phone number and email after that we have to set a password for the wallet. For further verification, we have to submit our pan, bank and Aadhar details. By using NEFT/RTGS/IMPS we can transfer money to account that linked to wallet and it will be processed in just two hours. In Zebpay sending or receiving Bitcoin never implement charges but for withdrawals 10/- will be charged. Zebpay is developing to introduce four more cryptocurrencies Bitcoin cash, Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum.

3. Koinex:

Koinex is one of the best exchange platform to buy or sell Bitcoin. As we follow in every exchange, everyone has to complete their KYC and have to link bank account to Koinex. When we deposit money, it reaches to Koinex within 5 minutes. In Balance tab we can see the amount and the bank details. We can send money through wallets also and payment through gateway can cost 2% service fee.

On trading page we can select the type of altcoin we want. It means Koinex is not only an exchange platform for Bitcoin it works for others also. Another facility in Koinex is its live chart it helps people to understand the value of the altcoin daily and people can safely invest. And to security level Koinex follows 2FA security. 2FA security means at the same time mail and SMS will be sent to customer after every transaction.

Koinex charge for trading is 0.25%. But the charges are different from the amount you trade for selling and buying. Some interesting rules are placed by Koinex on their trading page.

 Trader should not buy or sell an order for the same price per asset.
 Trader can have maximum eight open orders simultaneously in each market.
Available Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin cash.

4. Unocoin:
It is also one of the India’s most popular Bitcoin wallet. First of all we have to complete KYC and AML policies as we followed for before. Unocoin wallet is very helpful to buy or sell or store Bitcoin in your wallet. In Unocoin wallet we can accept the Bitcoin from our friends and from all over the world. By using NEFT/RTGS we can transfer INR money directly into our account the charges for transactions in Unocoin is 1% fee to sell or buy the Bitcoin. Over an extended period of time, minimum 60 days your account will be enrolled into Golden membership and the trading fee will be curb down to 0.7% and transaction limit per day also increases.

According to security level all the details of customers and transactions are stored in offline mode. By storing in offline mode it will not get accessed by internet it will help from securing from hacking of the systems. The security used in Unocoin is AES-256. In Unocoin two factor authentication is also used by getting authentication from Google and another setting is there will be threshold to draw Bitcoin daily. If the threshold limit is over no transaction will not be taken place.

5. Coinsecure:

Coinsecure is also one of the fast growing exchange platforms in India. In 2016 the company rose to nearly $1.2 million investors from India by these us can understand the popularity of Coinsecure in India. As a common thing we have to signup, create a wallet and deposit money into your account. We can sign in easily through website or wallet app. Through Coinsecure we can buy, sell and accept Bitcoin cryptocurrencies. The trading fee of Coinsecure is 0.3% to buy or sell Bitcoin. Coinsecure uses automated transactions for deposits and withdrawals and also certified by NASCCOM and ISO 9001:9008. In India the first Bitcoin exchange that offers Rest API is Coinsecure.

The trade engine used by the Coinsecure is most efficient and fast processing and company uses highly secured and quick processing robust technology to present fast and easy to use platform. In Coinsecure some funds are stored in cold storage and little funds are stored in hot wallet for the transaction of immediate withdrawals. The interesting thing in this wallet is there is no need of any verifications by just creating a NETKI wallet name and we can link our Bitcoin address to Coinsecure Bitcoin wallet. And finally team of Coinsecure is increasing their employees from 20 to 30 in 2016 for quality service to customers.

The above mentioned cryptocurrency exchange platforms are the popular platforms in India. Not only are this there are many different exchanges available in market. But however, some review websites show the negative reviews, by following them we can safely surf on best exchange platform for your Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

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