Why BITCOIN Price Dropping Going Down Today

Every day Cryptocurrencies price fall and rise coins like Bitcoin Ripple Ethereum Litecoin or any other Cryptocurrencies price goes down due to many reasons, If you are a newbie then you need to trust your investment.

Don’t panic if you see any coin price is falling suddenly because the way price rise it will fall also, so if you need quick money then ready for both situations.

Some time big investors started selling their coins in bulk and which make the price to fall and other people start selling along with them and that make the price to fall.

So if you are in any such situation then stay calm and don’t sell your Cryptocurrencies just because the price is falling, it will rise again.

Why BITCOIN Price Dropping Going Down Today

Will your Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Litecoin Rise again after Falling

Yes, all Cryptocurrencies price after reaching to top fall and rise again so trust your investment and when you invest take this risk also.

Sometimes price falls because of festive seasons like Christmas when everyone sells their investment to use that money for holidays.

Bitcoin Futures and Other Trading Companies

It may be also because of Bitcoin futures and all those big trading companies that jump into this business, and they create such situation that makes the price to fall down so that they can purchase more coins at a low price.

Since all currencies are dependent on BITCOIN so if bitcoin price will fall then all coins price will fall just like when bitcoin price is rising all other coins price is also rising.

So according to me, Price is manipulated by the big giant trading company who landed in this business. Government support also plays a vital role in price manipulation.

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