Bitcoin Growth Rate in the last Bull Run!

Key Points about Bitcoin Bull Run

  • Growth rate of bitcoin is around 7,040.19%.
  • In the year 2016, the price of bitcoin was around 1000$
  • In Last Bull Run bitcoin reached 19K USD.
  • Bitcoin reached from 10k USD to 19K USD in 18 Days ( From December 1,2017 to December 18,2017)
  • Bitcoin dropped to 3k usd after reaching 19k usd in December 2018
  • Again moved to 12k usd from 3k usd  in July 2019
  • Bitcoin crossed 10k usd mark 4-5 Times after 2017 .
  • Bitcoin reached 4K usd again in  March 2020 due to Coved 19 .

Bitcoin has taken the rocket above $19K for the first time in its history by breaking the record high from $10K that means around doubling percentage speed. The digital currency hit a high of around $19,340 before falling to above 20% from the level of around $15,198.63 in 2017.

The total pace has raised its speed in the last several weeks that is ahead of the launching of the bitcoin futures by the major exchanges. The time taken by bitcoin to hit $19K was just around 18 days as on December 1, 2017, the price of bitcoin reached $10K and within 18 days time period, it hit $19K on 19 December 2017.

The growth rate of bitcoin is around 7,040.19% from the beginning to date which makes ROI of bitcoin and it also includes the bull run of 2017. The last bull run of bitcoin had made this growth rate of bitcoin.

In the year 2016, the price of bitcoin was around 1000$ which raised and hit $19K till the end of the year 2017 and investor earned $18,000 per bitcoin is one year time period. And this is the last bull run of bitcoin yet, but again bull run is predicted by top crypto experts within 4-5 years.

Bitcoin surges to around $19K on the exchange!

Bitcoin raised above $19K for the first time in the year 2017. In the trading exchange, the digital currency hit up to $19K before falling to around $15K like about 20% to that particular level.

At around 4 PM of New York, the cryptocurrency traded at around $16K which is often at the premium over the other exchanges. Coinbase is the major cryptocurrency exchange with account for the third of the bitcoin trading volume.

The saying goes with the prices that have reached the level where the sentiment is showing the short term Euphoria. But for thinking about the prices are at the levels of mania where this can suffer the serious market crash here is ridiculous.

We all have heard about the fraud claims where we never think about the involvement of people on a large scale. We need people profiting all around immensely and make the forecasting for around $1million to truly reached the Euphoric peak.

Bitcoin can be the biggest bubble in its journey – Know why?

With its wild ride, bitcoin has a market value of more than around $270 billion which means it can rank among the 20 largest stocks in the market. The latest swing can come as the bitcoin topped at around $12K with the fast recovery from the 20% percent last week. Bitcoin has passed $ 15K after this recovery and the wild ride started.

Bitcoin started moving from $1,000 in 2016 and it has raised as the interest of investors grows.

Many Bitcoin expert predicted that bitcoin will cross 100k usd in next 2-3 year


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