What to Check Before Buying Cryptocurrency

For the beginners, who want to step into cryptocurrency they have to follow some measures and steps to invest in the best altcoin without losing their investments. In this concept, we can know the tips and measures to be followed before going to invest in new currency. The main information to be collected is about the coin like supply, market cap, Blockchain etc. Not only are there so many factors that should be checked and verified before investing.

Factors that Influence:

There will be so many factors that influence the attraction of newcomers to the crypto world. In this summary given the complete description of the factors that should be followed before investment. Among the most important factors are the market cap, supply, Blockchain, whitepaper, and community.

Market Cap:

Market cap of the coin is the main important factor to be checked and verified. Market cap of the coin gives the value of the coin that holds in the cryptocurrency market. It will be calculated by the multiple of both price and circulating supply of the coin and we can assure the value how much the coin holds. Market cap is the first referral point before investing in a coin.

Circulating Supply:

Supply of the coin is the most important we can get the circulating value of the coin in the present market. With the help of the circulating supply, we can know the total value supply of the coin in the market and its share in the market. If the supply of the coin is sufficient and huge we can invest in it, because a large supplier can supply the sufficient to their clients. So, supply value of the coin is also important.


Blockchain it is the most important one when compared to the above it is the key for processing of the coin. Blockchain holds the algorithm, security, block time etc. It is like the heart of the currency. Before investing checking the Blockchain is mandatory and important. Through the Blockchain assurance we can get the performance of the coin’s algorithm, security etc. it covers so many things in one. Everyone checks the Blockchain of the coin before investment.


It is like legal paper of the coin. Whitepaper of the altcoin consists all details about the particular coin and its pros and cons. The whitepaper gives the full bio-data of the coin, developments, alerts etc. that amended to the coin. So many people don’t think about the white paper of the coin because few people only knew about whitepaper. It is must and should to check the white paper of the coin for the future best.


Globalization of the coin is the most important factor that should be checked. When a coin is globalized it will be served all over the world and we can transfer our wealth from one to another without hesitation. A globalized currency can be approved anywhere in the world. So, it is important to check whether the coin is globalized or not.

Maximum Supply of Coin

It is the best factor to know the how much amount the coin can supply at peak. Before getting into coin investment, it is better to know the maximum value of the coin. By the help of the maximum value of the coin, we will be able to know the maximum supply of the coin. If it satisfies our estimation we can invest in it. Always a coin with a huge maximum supply of currency supplies to the maximum number of people. So, it is also should be checked before investing into altcoins.

Community Behind coin

Community is the primary one to know the coin’s reply to customers raised issues and problems with it. Mostly coins will always try to improve their community because of the coin with good community always will be succeeded. It is the must to check the performance of the coin’s community.

Based on Ranking:

It is better to choose the first 100 or 200 ranked altcoins. Most people always invest in top coins because there will be surety of money that invested in it. Because all the peak coins are legit and the supply of the coin is also good. So top coins are less risky when compared to other.
And the mid coins in the list is also best to who invest with small funds. Investing in mid rated coins also not affect too much when compared to last rated. If we observe this mid rated may become top rated. All top rated coins came from that mid-stage only. According to statistics 50% of invest in mid rated coins.

Age of coin:

It is better to check the age of the coin. If a coin which is moving from so many years long back it seems to be good and genuine. Investing in long aged coins is so better because the risk of money is very less and 100% surety.


Roadmap of the coin is also important to invest in a coin. The Roadmap of the coin will give clear instructions of the coin’s future developments and alternations to the coin. It is also important to check whether it completed its targets that placed on the roadmap. If a coin follows there Roadmap correctly it means it is following its promises. Then we can invest in it securely.

Wallet functioning:

Many altcoins never maintain good wallets to their coin. The wallet functioning also must be checked before going to invest in it and the functioning of the wallet must be accurate in transactions. Altcoins with featured wallets will help to attract people more towards them. Because people mostly give importance to money so, if the coin’s wallet is working in good condition it will give good results. It is better to check wallet also.

These are the different factors that should be checked and verified before getting into an altcoin. But we cannot say exactly this coin is good because day by day coin values is different. So the investor must check from all sides before investing.

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