Top 10 trusted cryptocurrencies for long holdings

Cryptocurrency is the most circulated and popular topic in the currency market. Many officials, big shots, investors etc. are mostly interested to invest money in it. But due to some illegal coins, exchanges etc. some are not interested to invest for long time. For them these top 10 trusted coins are safe and they are running from so many years back.
Let’s have the list of top 10 cryptocurrencies for safe investments and good possible profits. These ten coins are most trusted and large circulating currency in the market.

Top 10 coins for long holdings:

1. Zcash(ZEC):

Zcash is also a trusted cryptocurrency for long holdings. Zcash is a decentralized and open-source coin launched in 2016. Zcash coin is a best-featured coin in privacy and selective transparency of transactions. Zcash main feature is safe and private transactions. All the transactions of the coin will be stored on Blockchain but details are private. The best feature of Zcash is zk-SNARK for the shielded transactions.


Market cap: $1,10,00,51,738 USD

2. Dash:

This coin was originated in January 2014 and it is a secretive version of Bitcoin. This is an anonymous coin on a decentralized master code which makes transactions are untraceable. This coin was also known as Darkcoin and it was established by Evan Duffield. This coin can be mined through CPU or GPU. This coin was famous for digital money and this coin was operated under the ticker – Dash.


Market cap: $3,86,45,54,939 USD


3. Monero(XMR):

This Monero coin is established in 2014, April and it was a secured, untraceable and private coin. This coin is a decentralized and secured coin. Transactions on this coin are untraceable and privacy is strictly maintained with a technique known as “ring signatures”. This coin also best for long holdings and trusted coin.


Market cap: $3,93,76,29,661 USD

4. Bitcoin Cash(BCH):
This Bitcoin Cash was born in August 2017 due to the allegations in between bitcoin adopters. Then this new token was born with new rules and regulations. But this coin was placed in one of the top 10 by switching to new technology and software. Bitcoin Cash is also the best coin for long holdings with good specifications.

Market cap: $20,26,59,09,197 USD BC

5. Cardano(ADA):
This coin was also a different one with new characteristics like this coin platform will be used to send and receive digital currency by using digital ADA token. It was created by Ethereum Co-founder Charles Hopkinson in 2015. This coin was managing by the group of scientists and academics who are specialized in Blockchain technology.

Market cap: $ 7,64,36,37,447 USD

6. Stellar(XLM):
Stellar is also a good crypto coin for investment and it was launched in 2014 by Ripple Co-founder Jed McCaleb and Jouce Kim. This coin also came into the market due to disputes with Ripple. The Stellar coin has also good transaction speed and efficient money for transfers. This coin is the most trusted because it was grown with 29,400 percent in 2017 alone.

Market cap: $7,09,50,70,300 USD

7. Bitsum: 

Bitsum is one of the upcoming altcoins in the cryptocurrency market by Uzbekistan. Bitsum is decentralized and open source cryptocurrency that uses CryptoNote algorithm. The main aim of the creation of Bitsum is a decentralized currency in TAS-IX. In Bitsum coin anyone can take initiative for the development of the coin and easy to transfer money without using any third party by simple transactions.

Specifications of Bitsum:

Algorithm= CryptoNote

Pre-mine value = 4 Millions

Transaction fee = 0.0001 SUM

8. Litecoin(LTC):
Litecoin is also one of the best coins in the top 10 list. It is mostly compared to a little brother of Bitcoin. Litecoin was started in the year 2011 and it has good characteristics and properties. Litecoin is so popular because of its fast transactions, huge token limit etc. Litecoin is also a trusted coin for long holdings.

Market cap: $8,54,85,45,495 USD

9. EOS:
EOS was developed by Bitshares founder Dan Larimer in the year 2017 with ICO launch. EOS is another blockchain platform similar to Ethereum with decentralized apps. This coin was also famous for its fast transactions nearly 50,000 per second. This coin is also placed as one of the top 10.

Market cap: $9,55,45,84,968 USD

10. NEM (XEM):
NEM is a famous crypto coin and a distributed blockchain with the signature of XEM token. NEM XEM was also famous with the largest circulation of nearly 8.99 billion XEM tokens. This coin was launched in 2015and it was also not bad for investment and for long holdings.

Market cap: $3, 55,48,20,000 USD

These are the some of the top crypto coins in the market which are good for long holdings and investments. You can understand the growth of coins by the specifications. But these specifications are volatile, they will change as per the market issues. These specifications are just symbol of coins growth.

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