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Blockchain and cryptocurrency are the hottest and advanced trend to ease transactions and earn hefty amount of profits. Cryptonomos is a blockchain-based solution provider has launched an ICO for the cryptocurrency that is determined as a future of gaming. Cryptocurrency and gaming are same at some levels. Video games are the platform where people learn the ideas to buy the virtual goods or things by spending real money. It every game there are three types of coins- Gold, Diamond, and credits which has to be owned by losing real currency.

Gaming token keys are the advance move towards the digitalization and cloud gaming with payment levels shaping the quality, and the capability to play games. They are presenting a new way of playing games without wasting money on buying the costly hardware. They allow the games to take part in via the cloud. These play tokens enable the gamers to play top-rated games anytime, anywhere, using any gadget connected to the internet at a reasonable price. The gamer has not to buy gaming PC and graphics cards.

Gaming Cryptocurrency Coin

The development of GPUs, the Internet, and low-latency streaming have diminished the demand for personal gaming hardware. In fact, it has done so that the next generation of consoles might well be the last. The latest statistics indicate that the total migration of gaming to cloud technology has now become inevitable:

  • 70 percent of gamer are incapable to play titles like GTA V in high resolution
  • 30 percent of gamer cannot run these top titles on their outdated PCs.
  • The home- based hardware developed by the resource-intensive VR technologies are very expensive and not feasible to ordinary gamers. So the advanced hardware and cloud gaming became popular among gamers.

The gaming token keys like playkey, rentberry, neuromation, INS, HKN, and WAX are the revolution to the gaming world by moving the gaming into a cloud. It provides token to play high resolution, music, and other services in cheaper rates. This is a huge advantage for the gamer by providing top-rated games at the cheap price. Todays the cloud gaming market has approximately 2 billion gamers and upsurging revenue of USD $94.4 billion and the experts has predicted estimated the increase of USD $128 billion by 2020.

Three top-rated cryptocurrencies for gaming

The top three cryptocurrencies that gamers used as gaming are as follows:-

  • Chimaera (CHI)

This is the gaming token and one of the best selling token in the gaming world. It is known for itscalability for both gaming and blockchain.

It is the largest gaming website with 18.7 million gamers. This computer-generated goods platform for gaming hosts over 2,50,000 gaming-based communities.

This is peer to peer decentralized game that has no house or central authority. It is purely peer to peer gaming where player matching up against each other.


Gaming and cryptocurrencies are two different fields with the same epicenter. These games are played by the gamers on PC’s with high hash rates and resolutions. The name added with this gaming world makes it unique and advanced. There is a number of digital tokens available which allows gamers to play the game and earn profit instantly without wasting time and money on old dated PC and costly hardware.

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