CryptoCurrency May Kill Adsense and Online Ads – Opacity

If you are dependent on Adsense then here is a good news for you that monopoly of Adsense may end now with crypto coins, Today we will share details about a coin that will pay webmaster for integrating their Java code in their website.

Opacity, is a coin that will help webmaster earn PRL coins, Webmaster need to add java code in their website and whenever any user visits their website then webmaster will earn PRL COINS, Webmaster only needs to add their wallet id and coins will be automatically added to wallet and webmaster can sell those coins in the market to get cash.

Adsense is very selective and rules and regulation are very tight, Adsense doesn’t spare webmaster if any violation is done and all other ads network are not paying like Adsense, so many webmasters shut their website because they are not earning a decent amount of money from there working. But now using PRL they can earn more then Adsense all they need is to use PRL java code in their websites.

Online ads work based on location Age Group and many other factors but PRL COINS don’t see all these factors they just pay whenever anyone open website from anyplace

How to Buy Opacity OPQ coins

If you are user or webmaster and want to invest on PRL then you can buy this from Kucoin, its available in this market, You can buy Kucoin using Ethereum.

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