Find Scam Coin Trace Recent Transaction of any Etherem Token using DEXTools

What is DEXTools? How can you use it for getting valuable information about trading and catching the dumps before others? How can you get it automatic by trading bots?

What is DEXTools?

With DEXTools, you will get the crypto crystal ball basically for IDEX and very soon also for Uniswap that is KuCoin and other planned exchanges. Why? How? Just imagine the tool which tells you when somebody is planning to market and sell a few tokens on an exchange that presents such tasty dips everyone tries to catch. It is exactly what DEXTools does. It will tell you about who is going to dump your loved token and it also will inform you what would be the best buying price. There is all the more amazing tools for trading that can do you.

DEXTools boost your experience of exchange!

As you can write on the official site of DEXTools, you will get to know about everything which you always wished at one click – 

  • Produce the own strategies of trading
  • Catch and anticipate the market dumps
  • Explore the wide spreads on trading pairs
  • Copy and follow the huge gainer wallets
  • And many more.

How DEXTools works?

So if you are the UNISWAP or IDEX user, and you wish to anticipate and grow better strategies of trading, DEXTools will be helpful to you in a very easy way.

  • Responsive – DEXTools works on any of the devices and gadgets such as a tablet, mobile, or laptop.
  • Subscriptions – You can purchase DEXT at exchanges and pay with it according to your needs.
  • Store data – You can store and save your data and access them from any of your devices and gadgets.
  • Notifications – Now set up properly your live notifications.

DEXTools is the responsive trading software that you can easily access from any of the browser and device, the public beta was released on the 13th of June 2020 and it is free to use. Once the final version gets released, it will need the subscription which can be paid via DEXT token.

In the current beta, you can link your IDEX account through APO and begin to use all the wow features that DEXTools has to provide.

Who is the team working for DEXTools?

There is the team working for DEXTools who understand everything exactly what they talk about us and they also know how to ride it. 

  • Javier Palomino is the CEO and Co-founder of DEXTools
  • Frederic Fernandez is the CMO, Co-founder, and developer at DEXTools.
  • Pablo Ojanguren is the lead engineer as well as CTO of DEXTools
  • Guillermo Rodriguez is the QA marketing and tester who is also an advisor of DEXTools.
  • Dani Lopez is the training analyst and developer of DEXTools.
  • Adam Martinez is the assistant of DEXtools.

Blockchain is developed in Spain!

DEXTools is developed in Spain by the young crypto enthusiasts team which knows everything from the crypto forum back in the year 2017. They began to trade altogether, shared various strategies of trading, and were searching for many ways for getting more market insights to optimize trading. As they did not find out the tools which matched their needs, they have just developed DEXTools. 

Few features of DEXTools!

There are a number of features of DEXTools – 

Token catch and get those tasty dips 

DEXTools token catch is the best hunter tool for gaining from market dumps before many others do it. It will make you notify in the real-time when somebody deposits the token to the exchange and will also display you the drop in price percentage if this price will be the market selling. On the top, it also displays the best buying price, so you get to know where to place you erm, traps, and purchase the order for getting the dip.

  • Token list – It also displays all the tokens that are now stored on the ETH address.
  • Trade history – You can check out all the trades done – the ratio of market buys and sells in the percentage and the profit produced by trading.
  • Open order – This will display you all currently open orders of this ETH address.

UNISWAP features upcoming soon!

There is another new feature which will be the integration of UNISWAP. With DEXTools you will be the first to know about when new token pools have been created, liquidity has been removed or added. Now many of the new coins get initially added on UNISWAP before they get available on exchanges. This is a great way to purchase the coins at the lowest prices

DEXTools stats – 


  • Total Supply – 200,000,000 DEXT
  • Max Supply – 200,000,000 DEXT


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