Earn Free Cryptocurrency Like Bitcoin without Investment/Mining

Cryptocoins is the latest web money which is more popular and famous in the currency market. But the rate values of crypto currencies are very high to buy for the common people. For them, some platforms are there to get altcoins without the investment of single rupee. So many platforms are there for providing free crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. In this article given complete details of different platforms which give free altcoins.

Some platforms which make you earn altcoin without investment:
Here given the details of the websites and tasks which make you crypto currency through this without investment.

Earn Bitcoin without Investment/Mining

Earn Using Faucets

It is a website which makes payment with cryptocurrency. Faucets provide some tasks and activities to do and by completing them you can earn Cryptocurrency like bitcoin Ethereum . The activities and tasks given in faucets are like signing up for a newsletter and viewing an ad etc.

By performing these tasks anyone can earn money in the form cryptocurrency. But no one can become rich with this simple activities. The amount gets paid by the marketers is very less when compared to market cryptocurrency. So the earnings of cryptocurrency through this type of methods can earn money but not in huge amounts.

You can google to find faucets of any coin like if you need faucets fro bitcoin then google bitcoin faucets

Earn Altcoins using Crowdholding

In crowdholding, you can able to earn cryptocurrency by co-creating with start-ups. For every day, so many start-ups will bring up into the market. In crowdholding, You have to log in to our platform, comment and you have to give our feedback to start-ups and you can get Crowdholding’s Yupie as a reward. You are also able to earn other ERC-20 tokens from the start-ups if they have their own token. The response to your activity in crowdholding makes you earn more rewards.

Earn Altcoins By Joining Bounty campaigns

Bounty campaigns offer rewards by companies to individuals. In this market world, different types of products and services will be introduced for every minute. By the way, the company pays to individuals for performing different tasks and activities according to their product. Participants are getting paid in the form of the token by promoting in social media, writing articles. For this purpose Bounty campaign was implemented to ICOs as a useful marketing tool to raise awareness.

Earn Bitcoin Through Surveys

Online surveys are available in a number of many forms to earn cryptocurrency through by doing survey jobs.Surveys either pays in Tokens or in Ethereum or in Bitcoin, There will be so many opportunities are available in Survey jobs to earn bitcoin. Different companies held surveys for their personal use to review a product or to know the market’s opinion about their company and its products. By doing surveys you can earn cryptocurrency in the form of vouchers, rewards, and rebates.
Survey jobs are simple to do just by answering their survey and giving your opinion about that survey. Some survey platforms which make you earn cryptocurrency without difficulties and they are Bitcoin Reward, Coin Bucks, and BitcoinGet.

Earn Bitcoin/Ethereum using Freelancing

By doing freelancing with different online services also can make up Bitcoin and Ethereum without investment. You can do jobs like writing code, editing, proofreading, conducting surveys, carry out researches, design etc these are the different freelancing jobs to earn bitcoin.

There are many opportunities in freelancing for example if a translator needed to one website to translate into the Russian language.You can use this chance to earn cryptocurrency by translating into Russian language and we will get paid in the form of cryptocurrency.

There are different websites which can be used to earn bitcoin and ethereum like is BitcoinTalk’s “services” category, Moneo.io, and Bitfortip etc these are the websites which offer freelancing jobs which pays in the form cryptocurrency.

Affiliating programmes

People are earning more bitcoin through the affiliating programmes. This is the best method to follow in order to earn more cryptocurrency coins in your account. Nearly companies pay up to 50% of revenue from customers we refer. If you have a website or blog to refer your rich friends to the website and can earn cryptocurrency.

In this programme, a unique URL is arranged to share which will be attached to your account. By promoting the product or service to the people and once when purchases made by people by clicking it will earn you the commission to your account. But sometimes revenue is paid by CPA cost per action model, by doing this type of affiliating market can also make cryptocurrency into your account.
Here the list of some affiliate programs which make you cryptocurrency are RunCPA.com, Markets.com, AvaTrade etc, these are the different platform to do affiliate marketing to earn money in the form cryptocurrency.

Earn Coins using Signature Campaign

If anyone spending their time on Bitcoin forums such as BitcoinTalk, can also signature campaigns in order to earn cryptocurrency through this method also. Signature campaigns mean an organized community by an individual, company or group of people who would like to promote their services and products across the entire forum.

Most surveys say that signature campaigns earned cryptocurrency fairly well when compared to other ways. By selecting a particular niche in your interested field and can start your signature campaign and get rank on the form (like a junior, member, senior member, legendary member or VIP). Depending upon your rank you may get paid based structure being employed and by increasing the rank you can earn pretty. But be careful of signature deals that sounds well but ensure it is enrolled in escrow or not.

Earn Bitcoin By playing games

You can earn money in the form of Bitcoin by just doing simple tasks like playing games. No investment is required to earn altcoins but the earnings will be in fractions of altcoin. By playing games every time you win, manage to the beat level, or scored the highest target then you will get earnings in fewer altcoins. Rather than doing jobs like entering captchas on websites playing games is better to play to earn cryptocurrencies.

The above sited different methods to earn cryptocurrency without investments is easy to earn but not huge a little bit fraction of small amounts.

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