How to Increase Gpu Hashrate and Mining Speed to mine Cryptocoins

The topic cryptocurrency emerges as a hot news nowadays. Newspapers and news channels are flooded with the news related to the surge of top three cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ripple. Other than these there are more cryptocurrencies that hit the market with high growth. These currencies are mined by expert miners who have the full knowledge and experience in mining. In the traditional way, if the flow of the currency is less in the market then the government or central bank prints new currency but in cryptocurrency, the coins are mined. The mining of cryptocurrency is same as gold mining.

How crypto mining happens?

Mining comes with rewards called block rewards. These rewards are given to the miners who mine the coins by solving cryptographic hashing algorithm. These are mathematical problems requires tough calculations that takes the solutions of previous block solutions. Hence there is no other way to calculate the solutions of the future block without having the solution of the previous block. The history of all block solutions and transactions creates a blockchain. This Blockchain is termed as the public ledger. One block holds cryptographic signatures for the block and covers the transactions inside the block. These transactions compiled in the block are fetched from the network with low transaction fee involved. Miners get rewards for mining along with transaction fee.

For example in bitcoins, the goal is to create a block result every 10 minutes on an average. In etherum, the block solution generates after every 16 seconds. The solution has to be less than some given value and with 256-bit numbers which led the vast range of possibilities. All the block solutions contain the wallet addresses of the solving system that would get the transaction fee along with the bock reward. These blocks then are written in the blockchain of the partaking systems.

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Types of Block Mining:

Mining is taken place by different ways here are few of them.

ASIC and GPU Mining: GPU allows the miners the option to select the coin to mine whereas ASIC allows to mine on an single algorithms. ASIC can be sold only to the companion miners whereas GPU can switch among different algorithms any time.
Pool and solo Mining: Pool mining is the process where the miner has to join the group of other miners and every miner helps or works to solve the blocks. Whereas solo mining is totally done by single miner by cracking the block. It is a bit tough unless the miner is lucky to mine the blocks. Coin Warz calculator is used to calculate the time taken to block the mine. Pool mining is more consistent than solo mining. The payouts are very consistent whereas in solo mining the payouts take a very long time. The best pools are and
Cloud Mining: Cloud mining is one of the easy ways to start the mining process. The operators need not set up a rig or any internet connection. The host company will do it all on the operator’s behalf. Just the monthly rent for using hashing power is required to be paid. These turn quite unprofitable as they last for 24 months only and when the networks difficulty increases the operators may lose the money. There are few companies like Genesis Mining and Nice hash would not lock the users in a contract. They can cancel the contract anytime.

Factors affecting productivity of GPU

Users can not work with old graphic cards. The factors that affect the quality and productivity of the GPU are:

  • MHash/J
  • MHash/s
  • MHash/s/$
  • These are the factors affects the efficiency of the block mining. So graphic cards should be powerful and effective. Other than cards, the motherboard with enough PCI slots is also required to store the graphic card. And lastly, the consistent power supply is very important to mine.

    Improve hash rate with quality hardware and software:

    For doing this tough work of solving the mathematical calculations the highly advanced hardware is required. The quality hardware helps to generate more coins by reducing the hash rates. Hash rates are very important to generate more and more profit. There are few things that could increase or decrease the hash rate of mining.

    Mining Software: CCminer by tpruvot is an open source works very well, though alternatives may vary according to your mining such as sp-MOD or Alexis 78’s ccminer are very useful to enhance the hash rates. Testing all of the software for 30-40 seconds will help the reading knowledge on the hash rates. These escalate the speed of the CPU approximately 25- 30 %.
    GPU warmth: The hash rates also depend upon the graphic cards. The high-quality graphic card enhances more hash rates by 60%. These cards do not requires any external powers and can be stored on PC very easily.
    Overclocking: Overclocking increasing the hash rates but it also enhance the card work more tough. It results more power ingestion, heat, and reduced stability if used more. So increase the hash rate till the stability of card.

    Suggested coins to be mined:

    While the AMD GPU is used then Monero and Etherum is the best and profitable choice for the operator. NVidia, Ethereum, and Zcash are very money-making. Operators may choose any of these three coins to mine. Ripple is the very hot and high market value currency. It has come up as a second largest currency.

    Mining has become a new career which generates rewards by cracking the tough calculations. Hash rates are very important to speed up the mining process. The high hash rates mean more coins to mine and high profit. This requires high-quality graphics cards and quality of hardware/software. Currencies take different time to crack or mine the coins. All the blocks and transactions are stored in the public ledger which is decentralized one. Each solution is coded in different codes so there is no counterfeit. These currencies are growing speedily as most of the people tend to them because of their inherent features.

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