ECC Network Coin Future and Features

The present-day technology is running like an express on the rail. In every second different technology, innovations, and discoveries are fetching all over the world, not for a place or a region. In the meanwhile, another cryptocurrency is availing into the market to establish its trade in the history of cryptocurrency and it is ECC coin.

What is ECC?

ECC means E-Currency Coin is an open-source, innovative multi-chain platform created in 2014 and it is still under development to make some more changes and modifications to its platform. The algorithm they used is Proof of stake and its block time is 45 seconds and there is also the availability of ECC wallet.

Services of ECC Coin:

In total, there are four services are available in ECC platform for customers to utilize them.

  • Multi chain system: ECC platform wants to relocate the network services from the internet and have to move them to the Blockchain, it will be possible by its Multi chain system. The multi chain system consists of nodes in its language, there will be a connection between four nodes. The messages sent by users to others will be stored securely by this system and the transactions they do remain safely in data.
  • File storage: Another best service of ECC is its file storage processing. It was included by deep security by encrypting the data with your own private key and it will be sent to different hosts. Even if anyone can drag your files it will be taken years to decode it and it will be easy to drag your data through the network but not stored in local. You can earn coins by visiting as host in file storage there will be no cost of coins also for the user being as host.
  • Messaging: We can safely exchange messages over ECC because they are safely encrypted and stored securely without any fear of theft.
  • Name Resolution: Interested technology served by ECC is its ANS (Address Name Service) service to users, which helps them to use nicknames instead of using long and difficult names.

Timeline and Roadmap of ECC:

ECC has planned a very neat and graspable route map to its platform. It clearly explained in their roadmap the new technologies and developments they are going to introduce to their platform. Some developments which are introduced and going to be introduced in ECC are given below.

Q4 2017 = Network and Blockchain manager implemented

Q1 2018 = Re-branding was successful and new website & wallet introduced

Q1 2018 = Planned to release Sapphire wallet for ECC

These are the few but they planed up to 2019+ their innovations and plans are seems to be very skillful to beat the other cryptocurrencies.

Block Explorers:

Block explorers are an online Blockchain browser and it displays the information about the transactions of individual ECC blocks, balances of wallets etc. it will be helpful to view the details of transactions.

Market Details of ECC:

  • Market cap=$44,200,250.00
  • Volume=$79,995.40
  • Supply=25 billion.


Here the ECC coin seems to be a budding flower in the market to attract investors towards them. But the company innovations is looking good for the success of their establishment.

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