How to Stop Spam Bots in Telegram Group

If you are managing a big telegram group then many of you have faced problem related to spam that is spread by spam bots.There are many ways by which spammer spam groups and the only way to stop is using custom telegram bots or by using some free spam filter bots.Today i will share two bots that will stop auto group join spam from telegram groups.

FG Manager and Daysandbox add this 2 bot with delete message right in group and all your auto join spam is deleted by this 2 free bots .
You can find this 2 bots by searching in telegram

How to Stop Bots Spam in Telegram Group

Please note to give only delete permission to this bots.

Another Popular Bot that can fight spammer is

Join captcha Bot is a Free bot that ask every newly joined user to verify captcha to confirm he is human.

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