Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency 2020-21 | Best Crypto to Invest

Top Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency 2020 or best cryptocurrency to invest right now is in below list

  • Bitcoin – Bitcoin is no doubt is the 1st and fastest-growing Coin till now,
  • Year.Finance – (YFI) is a cryptocurrency token and operates on the Ethereum platform. has a current supply of 30,000 , In last 2 Month growth of this coin is 1200%
  • Unibright(UBT) – UnibrigHT growth in month of May 2020 is more then 200%
  • Polkadot – Polkadot is the the New DOT coin which is growing very fast and people call Polkadot as Ethereum Killer.
  • Tezos (XTZ) is a blockchain network linked to a digital token, which is called a tez or a tezzie. Tezos holders receive a reward for taking part in the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism.
  • Chainlink is using amazing technology and is partnered by many companies including Google.

Ethereum is the digital cryptocurrency works on Blockchain and created via mining. The miners mine this cryptocurrency by solving the tough block. It is same as the gold mining. The miners get the reward and the fees associated with these coins. The token ETH is generated through mining the Ether.

The Ethereum token ETH is touching the height of success by beating ripple behind. The data of past and the current cryptocurrency, the ETH is keeping surging and will overtake the bitcoins in the future. In the first week of January 2018, the ETH coins have surged around 90 percent and expected to touch the peak by rising up to 100 percent in the consecutive months. Flippening is the term that is very much asked in the crypto market. Flippening is the day when the ETH will overtake the Bitcoin and become the number one cryptocurrency. The recent data shows that future prediction, in fact, shows the unanimous results of Ethereum beating the Bitcoin and lead the crypto world.

unibright price growth

So the investors who are looking for the currency which will give them high return in future then choosing ETH token or Ethereum is a good option. This is a profitable investment as it will provide +93.03 percent in the future which id closer to a hundred percentile. Ethereum is just not a coin or token as it is a web 3.0 along with a platform to create next-generation decentralized apps. So investing in this highly profitable cryptocurrency is one of the best decisions.

Unibright [UBT]

Unibright price growth is more than 200% in month of May 2020 and still growing. UBT offers a unified framework that incorporates layouts and integration tools and devices. The coding abilities are a bit much for utilizing a framework and sending of a keen agreement or for the extraction of data from the blockchain.

Unibright is a unified framework project, offering all functions and tools capacities to help a total blockchain-based business lifecycle of integration.

Google using Chainlink Technology

ChainLink is another fastest growing Cryptocurrency, Chainlink is a decentralized way to pull data from oracles and inject it into the Ethereum blockchain, they already have 46 partners including Google.ChainLink’s LINK coin is up 400% on USD value in 2019

Kbc Coin CEO To earn interest on your tokens.

The purpose of is simple. Yield aggregator for lending platforms that rebalances for highest yield during contract interaction.Simply go to and deposit $DAI, $USDC, $USDT, $TUSD, and/or, $sUSD and start earning interest on your tokens.

Polkadot Coin High Returns

Polkadot – Polkadot[DOT] is a sharded multichain network, meaning it can process many transactions on several chains in parallel, eliminating the bottlenecks that occurred on legacy networks that processed transactions one-by-one.At present Ethereum have a lot of issue and eth is facing scalability issue, Dot token solve this issue as well as its highly popular among crypto investors.

In just a few months, this cryptocurrency creates and maintains its reputation among its investors. Many of the investors tend to this cryptocurrency and buy that. This is the hot cryptocurrency nowadays with the continuous rise in the price. It is becoming one of the tough competitors of Ethereum by providing fast and scalable transactions which enable users to use decentralized application proficiently. It is too early to come out for the outcome or future prediction of this cryptocurrency as it is still new to the market and the investors. After facing any financial downfall cases the stability and the performance of this crypto coin reflect. So for the short-term, it is good to invest but in the long run, it is unpredictable.

Apart from above, there are many coins that will keep on coming but for the safe investment, we always suggest you invest in BITCOIN.

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