What is Bitcoin SIP ? How to Buy Bitcoin using SIP

Well, there is a hype around the world regarding cryptocurrencies nowadays. The whole thing of cryptocurrencies is based on demand and supply of the coins. And when you talk about cryptocurrencies, you just cannot overshadow Bitcoin. Bitcoin was the first-ever cryptocurrency which was introduced in the world. Since its launch, Bitcoin has dominated all other cryptocurrencies and has been topping the list in terms of Trade Volume and Market Capitalization. By investing in Bitcoin, you can get the highest returns.

Key takeaways

  •  Bitcoin explained
  • What is SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)?
  • Why SIP in Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency in the world in terms of trade volume and as well as Market Capitalization. Blockchain technology maintains the records of all transactions made in Bitcoin. There are a lot of other cryptocurrencies that are evolving in this digital era and none could cause any trouble in the growth of Bitcoin. This shows the immense popularity which Bitcoin possesses among the public. The investors in Bitcoin is increasing rapidly and more people are showing interest in cryptocurrencies in recent times.
Now, let’s talk about investing in Bitcoin. There is no doubt that there is a great risk involved to invest in cryptocurrencies as these coins are totally subject to market risk. In order to gain huge returns, you must take some sort of risk. And once you did that, Bitcoin assures you the best returns for your valuable investments.
So how to invest in Bitcoin? Do not worry, I’ll be guiding you below the best investment planning that can give you entire satisfaction to invest your money.

What is SIP?

SIP is nothing but Systematic Investment Planning. As the name itself suggests, SIP provides the luxury to the investor to select the mode of investment. It may be quarterly, monthly or annually which is purely depends on the respective investor. In India, SIP is quite popular in mutual funds. This plan gives you the license to plan your investments according to your convenience. SIP allows you to achieve your financial objectives as you can invest your bucks as per your convenience.

Why SIP in Bitcoin?

As I mentioned earlier that investing in Bitcoin carries some kind of risk with it. SIP is the best possible way to reduce the percentage of risks involved when it comes to investing funds in Bitcoin. You can enjoy the following benefits when it comes to the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP).

  • SIP provides you with the luxury to skip your payments. If you planned to invest on a monthly basis, you are free to skip it.
  • There is no penalty or fine involved when you do not complete your payment according to your plan.
  • SIP has the luxury of 24*7 availability. You can make your payments anytime and anywhere according to your preference.
  • As Bitcoin is purely decentralized in nature, there is no involvement of any third party when it comes to SIP in Bitcoin.
  • You can stop your SIP anytime without any cause of concern which is, of course, a huge plus.
  • SIP is flexible in nature and hence, you can stop your SIP as per your wish.
  • SIP is a smart tool for investing in Bitcoin and gaining huge returns.

The above benefits clearly show that SIP is one of the best ways to invest your funds in Bitcoin.

If you invest 400 INR a week in Bitcoin for 2 years, the price would be around 42K INR. But, you’ll get the return for more than 65K or even more than that based on the fluctuation of Bitcoin price in the market. SIP investment is best suited for the long term as the chances of gaining more profit increases dramatically. Bitcoin assures the best returns in terms of profit percentage when compared to any other cryptocurrencies. So basically, SIP in Bitcoin gives you the perfect platform to invest in Bitcoin and get huge returns.

bitcoin sip

How to invest in Bitcoin using SIP

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Conclusion :
Bitcoin price is the highest among any other cryptocurrencies as of now. It is around 8K $ ( check latest price ) which is nearly 6 Lakhs INR. As the value of Bitcoin is too high, it’s difficult to buy a Bitcoin with that sort of price. The solution for this is the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) for investing in Bitcoin without bearing much risk. SIP is certainly the smart tool and a safe approach when it comes to investing your valuable bucks in Bitcoin.

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