How and Where to Store Polkadot [DOT] Coin Safely – Polkadot Wallet

If you are new to polkadot ecosystem and looking to store your polkadot safely then this article will guide you to do this,Best part of polkadot is that you don’t need to download any wallet as well as you don’t need to use any Hardware wallet. Polkadot have there own web wallet which you can use it by going to

Now to create account in polkadot and move your Dot token from centralised exchange into your account You need to follow below steps.

  • Visit
  • In top Left Side Click Polkadot and  open Dropdown

  • From Dropdown select hosted by Web3 Foundation and select Switch

  • Now click Add account and follow on screen process.

Please Note that while creating account keep your mnemonic seed and backup file safe and also use easy to remember password.If you forget your wallet password then you can’t send dot coins to anyone, Bitcoin miner have already faced this and there are many lost bitcoin wallet address which you can find in bitcoin explorer.

So choose easy to remember password for your Polkadot password.

In same way you can create wallet for Kusama,Edgeware,Kulupu and other Polkadot ecosystem products.


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