Low Limited Supply Cryptocurrency Max Supply under 50,000

Low supply coins are very popular recently and after DEFI boom MANY LOW SUPPLY coin came and make many people millionair especially those who trust defi economy

. In this article,we will mention some low supply cryptocurrency with total supply under 50,000 

What is a Low supply Coins?

Low supply coins are those coins whose total supply is very low, means there total supply is fixed and protocol will not generate more then maximum limit set by coins/tokens.

Some Top 10 coins with supply below 50k?

 YFI Total Supply 30,000

  1. Robonomics Web Services (RWS)

 RWS Total Supply only 100 Coins

  1. Unisocks (SOCKS)

SOCKS Total Supply 326 Coins, Part Of Uniswap Project.

  1. DFI.money (YFII)

YFII Total Supply 40,000 ,Fork of YFI project

  1. Pylon Finance (PYLON)

PYLON Total Supply 14,700

  1. YF Link (YFL)

YFL Total supply 52,000

  1. ZZZ.finance (ZZZ)

ZZZ Total supply 20,000

  1. Dice.Finance

Dice Total supply 30,678

In above list Robonomics Web Services IS THE LOWEST SUPPLY Coin with max supply of 100 Coin.Apart from this one more Token with low supply is KTON. Which you can also explore.

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