How to Convert Bitcoin to Cash Anonymously

The transactions related to Bitcoins are not anonymous, as of now, but there are plenty of ways suggesting the appropriate steps to convert your Bitcoin to cash while keeping your identity completely anonymous to somewhat large content. Following stated are the ways which will solve the purpose:

Convert Bitcoin to Cash Anonymously

Trade Locally Using Local Bitcoins

A Finland-based service, LocalBitcoins, is a facility that provides over-the-counter trading of currency which is local in exchange for the Bitcoins. This service makes you trade Bitcoins in almost 15,650 cities and approx. 248 countries worldwide. The basic requirement is a simple registration and verification which can be made in a few moments. The platform is provided through LocalBitcoins which further acts as an intermediary providing support and conflict-resolution service. There is an android app developed by LocalBitcoins, where you can get all the necessary information.

Withdraw Cash from Bitcoin ATM Near You

These days, there are a lot of Bitcoin ATM’s, these are the internet-connected machined that facilitates people to exchange Bitcoins for cash and cash for Bitcoins. These machines can be generally found in high traffic areas, namely, railway stations and shopping malls. You can find all Bitcoin ATM’s near you by visiting Bitcoin ATM Map app and this is not all, it even lists all the cryptocurrencies each ATM supports and more information like address, fees, limits, and other useful and relevant information.

Spend or Buy Gift Cards

There is an infinite number of retailers and services worldwide that accept Bitcoins, which includes big players like Amazon and You could purchase different items and some high-end products and much demanded items like Samsung Galaxy S8 or the iPhone 10 with your Bitcoins and then re-sell the item on eBay for cash.

Bitcoin Mixing

The process of Bitcoin mixing is a process which attempts to break the link-ability or traceability. Mixing of Bitcoins tends to break the link between Bitcoin addresses by making temporary addresses or by exchanging coins with different addresses of the same value. This enables the trail difficult to follow on the blockchain. The mixing is also referred to Bitcoin washing, Bitcoin tumbling and, Bitcoin laundering.

To Stay Anonymous Use Tor-Onion Router

One can use a Tor Browser to connect with the Bitcoin network. It is a volunteer community which runs on anonymity and surveillance-free internet usage. This browser should be your preferred browser. It’s faster, free as compared to chrome and has inbuilt Tor feature. Your transactions and activities cannot be tracked to your I.P and thus aids to stay anonymous. The pinpointing of IP address or system becomes very difficult from which the transaction was broadcasted.

Use Paxful

Paxful is a people-powered marketplace for money transfers with anyone, anywhere, at any time. So you can sell and buy bitcoin directly from anyone without the involvement of any exchange.

Join Market

If you want to be on a safer side and can’t trust a centralized website administrator like BITMIXER to make your coins anonymous. You can try Join Market because it is not just a software or a service rather it’s a market. This market accumulates the right amount of coins at the right place and right time.

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