MXC Exchange Disabled Withdrawal of Top Performing Coin/Tokens

MXC a china based controversial exchange is accused of keeping people asset and not allowing them to withdraw, Many top performing asset community have report this but mxc don’t bother for such reports. They says its common for exchange to disable and enable withdraw of any tokens.

Recently SORA [XOR] Token withdraw is disable for 6 months and all SORA investors funds is locked in one exchange, There is no liquidity in Exchange and investor cant sale there token in low price, so here MXC is doing 2 thing.

  • They either want SORA investor to sale in low price or
  • They have intention to cease funds, No exchange in past 4-5 year have disabled withdraw of any Erc-20 token for 6 months.

How Mxc Exchange attract Users

After Uniswap popularity, Projects avoid to pay fee to any centralise exchange for listing,So what they did they target best performing asset in Uniswap and they do fake volume which reflect in coinmarketcap and coingecko and user visit exchanges from such portal and deposit funds.

Now when MXC see that there is enough funds in wallet they stop withdrawal with some reason.
At present we also don’t know why MXC is doing this and what they did with all such funds.They don’t have rights to Hold users funds for a period of 6 months.

They have disabled withdraw from 1 August 2020.We also try to contact MXC but there response is not proper.

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