The evidence says Bandprotocol is involved in Sushiswap!

The company is here telling that the CTO and the co-founder of the Bandpotocol, Sorawit Suriyakarn, is not the one who has created the Sushiswap, which is famous with the name: Nomichef.

The codes for the projects are even reviewed by the Sorawit Suriyakarn being the CTO. He even made the reviews for the Sushiswap for their code deployment to make it safe for the users. They say that they value the relationships with their partners, community, and with their investors to show that their interest was straight forward in the Sushiswap to boost the brand and grab the vision with its help. These were the official statements by the Bandprotocol for not being involved in Sushiswap. They say Hearthstone is a game that 100 million players play all around the world, and starring with the technicals made for the game is nowhere said that The Sorawit is Sushiswap.

Found Evidence that Bandprotocol is involved in it!

But there are many proofs and evidence against the Bandprotocol that they are denying the fact and the truth behind all this game and are not accepting it. Even the twitter users are posting the evidence regarding the involvement of Bandprotocol in Sushiswap.

The Bandprotocol says there are rumors that people are forwarding to each other regarding their involvement. If they are right and telling the truth to the public then why all these major coincidences are happening with them. Because the truth is, they have a solid proof as the blow given things cannot be the coincidence all at a time.

  • The domain/IP coincidence as they are copied.
  • The similarities between the header and the website metadata have also been found.
  • The connection of the hearthstone.
  • There are deleted CZ tweets and with that comes the fast binance listing.
  • The Bandprotocol CTO is liking the Sushi tweets.
  • If there is nothing to hide from their side, then why they are shifting to new IP/hosting.

These were the coincidences that occur with the Bandprotocol towards the Sushiswap. All the tweets were fraud and wrong as there is the involvement of the Band with them. People have shared many proofs regarding this on Twitter showing that there is the involvement of the Bandprotocol but they are not being wise to accept this fact. People are confident about this fact that they are 100% related to this activity instead of being called it a coincidence.


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