Top 5 Blockchain Projects From China

What’s trending? Surely, Blockchain projects and Cryptocurrencies will be on the trend list. Blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies have been the talking point in recent times. With the world’s progression towards a cashless society, all eyes are on these projects and on cryptocurrencies which possess all the modern-day facilities to become the ”FUTURE CURRENCIES”. Digital and electronic transactions are trending and no doubt, the percentage of online transactions will definitely increase in the future. By looking at this, it seems that blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies will have the brightest future ahead. There are a lot of ongoing and upcoming blockchain projects that predict a huge success rate in the year 2020.

If you are looking to invest, I’ll help you by listing out the top blockchain projects from china which can give you best returns for your investments.

Key takeaways :
> Blockchain Technology
> Blockchain Projects from China
> NEO Blockchain system
> Ontology Blockchain Project
> Vechain Project
> Binance (Largest Crypto Exchange)
> TRON Blockchain Project

VECHAIN :Adding Blockchain feature in Shipping

Vechain is a project that aims to use the power of blockchain technology to improve upon the imperfections in the existing supply chain process. Its intention is to track goods every step of the way from production to delivery throughout the process. The products are tracked on the blockchain with the necessary information available to those who need it. So , Vechain can show you when a product was made , when it was shipped, where it stops along the way and finally when it reaches its destination. It can also tell you where it was stored and how long it was kept there. This is an intriguing project that looks to fix a lot of the current issues that plagued the supply chain industry.

Vechain makes use of combination of blockchain technology along with its proprietary smat chip to track products during their lifecycle. The Vechain smart chip is easily implemented into various internet of things or IOT products. It is making important changes to an area where quality is paramount.


Ontology is a public platform that was developed in order to remove the barriers between the blockchain and the business sector. Essentially it is a blockchain service that is providing corporate users with an easy way to benefit from the possibilities of blockchain technology. Ontology isn’t just a single blockchain but, a network of blockchain. This unique design was chosen so that they would make it easier for enterprise users. Well, the main ontology blockchain is public, the other chains are attached like a private space for the enterprise. This eliminates one of the major hurdles when it comes to enterprise use of development blockchain.


Tron is the blockchain base platform that aims to offer an unlimited entertainment system globally. The system allows participants to upload and store their own data in a decentralized manner. As a user, your data is stored anonymously. The goal of this blockchain platform is to make entertainment available to everyone around the world. This is a unique ecosystem that does not ride on big companies like Google, YouTube, Spotify, Apple and Amazon. As the right platform to monetize your online content, Tron has you covered, you can upload your videos and music or create websites and blogs where you earn through clicks from visitors. With Tron you earn depending on the quality of your content.


Binance is the largest crypto exchange in the world. Binance is a combination of two words. Binary and Finance combined together to form the word Binance. For those who mean business, it is one of the most powerful crypto trading platforms. It allows the users to trade more than 150 cryptocurrencies including the popular cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Its own native coin Binance Coin (BNB) and many more to follow. It was founded in the year 2017 and since early 2018, it is considered as the world’s largest crypto exchange in terms of the trading volume. Binance claims high standards of a safe, secure and convenient platform for crypto traders. Binance has made profits of more than 350 million USD only through the transaction fees. They provide trading platforms for Bitcoin and as well as other digital currencies.

Key features of Binance Exchange :
– It is an exchange where users can trade cryptocurrencies.
– Binance provides its own token currency Binance Coin (BNB) along with other cryptocurrencies.
– In order to store their digital funds, Binance provides crypto wallet to its users.
– It consists of BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY called Binance Labs.
– It also offers a site called Launchpad for the new and latest blockchain projects.
– It offers a mobile app to its users to trade in a safe and convenient way.


Neo is a platform built on the smart economy which uses smart contracts to digitize assets while using the platform. These digital assets can either be self-managed or exchanged within neo system or network. Apps developed on the neo network can digitalise assets which aid in giving more benefits to smart contracts.
Neo uses a pretty unique and revolutionary consensus method, it uses Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance algorithms or dBFT. Neo token holders can support a pacific bookkeeper through vote. This select group of bookkeepers will then use a Byzantine Fault Tolerance mechanism to reach consensus and generate more blocks.

Conclusion :
Most cryptocurrencies have blockchain system. There are a lot of other successful blockchain projects in the world. Make sure you get a fair knowledge about all of them so as to select the best projects out of it. Crypto users are growing at a rapid pace. These currencies will most likely evolve to create a better and positive product. Cryptocurrencies have all the required modern-day facilities that can change the world. By the year 2035, cryptocurrencies would occupy 30% of the national currencies which means a significant part of the world start believing in cryptocurrencies as a ”MODE OF TRANSACTION”. It will continue to have a volatile nature which means the prices will continue to fluctuate as they have been for the last few years.

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