Top Corporates Public Companies Who invest in Bitcoin

With the growing popularity of bitcoin from the time of its launch, many corporates public companies Bitcoinor institutional enterprises have started investing in bitcoin or cryptocurrencies. Reports said that from the past few years, institutional investors are digging over investments in bitcoin. 

 Public Companies Who invested in Bitcoin

Many large and major firms have already invested in bitcoin and purchased hundreds of millions of dollars of bitcoin. Bitcoin have not only an attractive investment option for corporates but individuals and share market holders are also seen engaging in investing in cryptocurrencies.

List of Public companies that hold the Highest Bitcoin

Bitcoin since its launch has never faced its downfall, it always keeps growing. This is the reason for which bitcoin has seen it’s meteoric growth. Let’s have a look over the top corporates who invested in bitcoin as an investment of the fund and as a reserve asset.

Grayscale bitcoin trust 

Grayscale’s bitcoin investment is setting another trend in the world of bitcoin. This is a New York-based bitcoin trust which holds and owns approx 4,49,596 bitcoin and is currently valued at $5/1 billion. Grayscale has occupied about 70% of newly maintained bitcoin in 2020. This bitcoin trust has become the first public company to quote security and deriving values from its bitcoin invested. Grayscale operates 10 cryptocurrencies products as an investment to funds.

Microstrategy inc. 

Grayscale is a pioneer in bitcoin investment but MicroStrategy inc. has focused all headlines in recent weeks. This company provides cloud services as well as develops mobile software has bought about $425 bitcoin and makes bitcoin as its reserve asset. It holds approx 38,250 bitcoin and is increasing at a very rapid rate. 

Square inc. 

Square inc. has spent around $50 million to make a bitcoin investment of about 4,709. This company deals with hardware and software payment solutions. In 2019, square inc. has almost $4.7 billion turnovers per annum. Square inc has its offices in all major countries like the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, UK, etc. to increase its bitcoin investment.

Coin shares 

It is a UK based firm that mainly focuses on investment funds for direct and indirect exposures to bitcoin and its investment. The company has $1 billion of fixed digital assets withholding 80% of bitcoin in it. Coin shares as an investment of funds hold approx 69,730 cryptocurrencies which are valued at $790 million. It also offers two traded bitcoin notes which are bitcoin tracker one and tracker Euro. 

Galaxy digital holdings 

Cryptocurrency focused galaxy digital holdings holds 16,651 bitcoin with $257 billion. This company was established in 2018 and also has a partnership with and blocksfi.

ETC group bitcoin ETP 

This company has a base in London and holds 5,215 bitcoin with $80 million worth. This company holds bitcoin under assets change management. It got its official bitcoin recognition in March 2020. They have also mentioned that bitcoin have seen a surge in growth in recent years and will be growing much more in the coming years.


This Canadian based cryptocurrency company holds 8,295 bitcoin with $128 million. This bitcoin trust has represented itself in the Toronto stock exchange in the year 2020. It enables all the Canadians to invest in bitcoin through their company as an investment of funds.

With these top corporates who invested in cryptocurrencies. It has become one of the most attractive and amazing options to invest safely and securely. Bitcoin can prove to be the best investors who invested in stock markets and other things and haven’t earned any high profits. Bitcoin are an emerging investment not only for corporations or enterprises but also for individuals as well.


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